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Thread: Cooking Chicken Safely

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    Cooking Chicken Safely

    I remember reading, I don't remember where, or when, that it isn't a good idea to cook chicken on top grate of Smoker and have other meats on bottom. That you don't want the chicken juices falling on the meat on lower grate...

    Is this a safety issue? Or is it so the juices don't mess with the "apperence" of the meat below?

    I'm asking because I've been asked by family to smoke a lot of chicken this weekend, and would need both upper and lower grates.

    My thoughts are that it would be safe if all the chicken prices come up to 165 before I pull them...

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    It's been considered a food safety issue. If everything, including the juices that dripped, reach the safe temperature, then all is ok.
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    I personally like to cook chicken at a much higher temperature than I cook other meats.
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