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Thread: Welcome Jamie + Posting Request

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    Welcome Jamie + Posting Request

    Hello everyone,

    I want to extend a warm welcome to Jamie Purviance and thank him in advance for stopping by TVWBB for another Q&A session!

    This is Jamie's fifth Q&A appearance on TVWBB and I so appreciate his willingness to spend time with us answering your questions. He could spend his valuable time doing lots of other things but chooses to spend some time here on TVWBB, so please take advantage of this opportunity to pick his brain. Jamie knows so much about grilling, barbecuing, Weber grills, cooking in general, writing and publishing cookbooks, developing and testing recipes, and so much more...there are a million topics to discuss and I hope to see many interesting questions this week!

    The Q&A runs Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21 and Jamie will try to check in each day to answer new questions.

    Please start a new thread for each new question. It gets confusing when people ask a new question in a thread on an unrelated topic.

    Looking forward to a great week ahead!


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    Hey Chris --- Thanks for having me back. It's great to among fellow grillers and smokers.

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