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I presume that it would fit an 18.5 as well, no?
The legs are a bit wider on the 22.5 than the 18.5, but since the mounting holes are centered, I assume the wheel brackets would fit.

However, my personal experience is that if you're going to move the smoker frequently (and if you're putting wheels on it, you probably are), you need some bracing between the bases of the legs. On my 18.5, I just drilled and put a wheel in the bottom of each leg and found that just the rolling around my patio, into & out of the storage shed, would lead to enough flexing that the leg hardware would loosen up a bit. On my 22.5, I went with a setup using steel angle like the one below. Another advantage of this is that you can easily use the cross-braces to push the WSM around (ie: with a foot) and as a grip when dumping ashes out.