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Thread: Damage Dilemma

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Neuser View Post
    Now imagine shipping something that large from one loading dock to another while it bangs around inside a truck.
    This is why I asked the question about box memorable box damage according to Dan. So his was a quality control issue, most likely, not a shipping issue.

    Yes, boxes get damaged during shipping, but Weber makes it right with quick, free replacement parts. And things have gotten a lot better since 2009 when Weber did a complete redesign of packaging to protect during UPS/FedEx shipping. Prior to that, packaging was never intended for direct-to-consumer shipping...we had A LOT more problems back then.

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    Thanks Chris, good point, the old box was meant to be put in the back of the buyers vehicle and taken home for assembly not for loading on and off delivery trucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy F. Lewis View Post
    Buy one locally and, if there's a price difference, send the difference to Chris!
    I agree with buying locally being the way to go if possible and try to. Large sized purchases online always make for a roll of the dice. I've had some good luck, but definitely some headaches. The discount has to be really worth it, as I feel that its actually the opposite of convenience really due to the delivery coordination and condition/damage headaches.

    In the northeast the smokers aren't as prevalent, and outside of very peak season sometimes not carried.

    I tried at my local Ace hardware to buy my smoker last year and they didn't have stock of them besides a beat up 22" on the floor. I ended up purchasing at Lowes.

    There is a local grill store that does a ton of business, I've always wanted to frequent for my purchases, but they always seem to be slightly more expensive than MAP and on top of that charge for delivery or assembly, while other places include that. On top of that it takes forever to get a sales person since they're so busy.

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    In the year 2008 I bought my WSM 18" "Classic" from Amazon and it arrived here in Costa Rica in perfect shape.

    Also, a few months back I bought a Weber Smoky Joe from Amazon and it also arrived in perfect shape.

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