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Thread: That feeling when you know what is about to happen next will be amazing....

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    I'm glad I could be of help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
    Hi everyone

    It took me a bit longer to wrap up my honeydo list, but I finally got clearance from the tower to start Weber work (real work). The thing is, since the original post, I have accumulated more grills!

    Here's the brief update:

    -Cooked on the better Skyline with the CI grates in it's original state

    -Ordered all replacement ss hardware and RCPlaneBuyer flavorizers / grates for when I got ok to weber

    -Picked up a Silver A blacktop

    -Picked up a Silver C burgundy top

    -Picked up another Skyline, stripped for parts, dumped frame and firebox

    -Picked up ANOTHER Skyline, refurbed it 70% of the way as practice, gave it to friends who just moved here and had no grill for the Memorial Day BBQ they were hosting

    -Sold the first Skyline with a bit of fix up to a buddy who fully caught the bug and went full RCPlaneBuyer on it

    -Picked up a 2000lx with all the durawood (!) that I decided I want for the keeper, will keep a skyline lid because I like the logo

    -Discovered the lx horizontal frame bottom bars have the end cap boltholes rusted out (the ones IN the tube ends, bars themselves are fine), so now that's on hold

    -Got commitment from a co-worker that he wants to buy the Silver A

    So that's where I am at. Wife is NOT AMUSED with the amount of grills / grill parts in our side / backyard. She doesn't understand that we NEED THEM.

    Current task is good enough rehab of the Silver A to sell. Then it's component resto on keeper parts while I look for another 2000 frame or find someone who can weld me in some nuts - saw that option on a thread here.

    Being able to make forward progress with bits and pieces toward the end goal (full manifold / valve teardown - thanks Chris! - tank scale disassemble / repaint) has slaked my thirst as I molt into my final form.

    I do promise to post pics once I have all parts in hand for the final keeper!
    Xavier, I found this older post and cracked up laughing. I had to explain my laughter to my wife, but she is also not amused by my grill restoration addiction . I am working on getting Skyline parts to do a custom version restore, so I was wondering if you have had time to make any progress with your Skylines. If so, would love to see some pictures!
    Genesis 330-SE, Q200 Performer , 2 kettles, Green Egg, Orion Cooker & restoring a Genesis 1000 and 3000.

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