Heim BBQ & Catering
1109 W. Magnolia Ave.
Fort Worth, TX. 76104
(817) 882-6970

Just back from Fort Worth and a visit to my daughter, stopped at Heims Sunday 1/22 at 5:30 pm, in case time is a factor to the review. This is a fairly new brick and mortar place after their time in a food truck.

First the good, sides were very good and large, the slaw is red cabbage which is a switch, but good. Service was friendly and the place was clean. Meats are cut in the back and brought out to you.

The Meats: according to the menu they use Creekstone meats, Brisket was good, not great, we had the moist, I'd give it a 3.5
out of five. Pork ribs were just average, little smoke or rub flavor, the one good rib was tender, but the other piece was a burnt end and hard. Shouldn't have been served unless someone requested pork jerky, Turkey, eh, average at best, sausage was good, pretty hard to mess them up. .

We had the combo plates and the meat portions were a little scant for the price, ie, 2 slices brisket ,2 ribs on the 2 meat combo
The place was highly recommended, though the reviews I read after were all over the place, I'm guessing consistency is a moving target .

Worth a visit if your in the vicinity, but I've had better, My son who has had BBQ all over the country agreed it needs an upgrade

So there it is for what it's worth, Cheers