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Thread: Big Shout Out & Thanks to Thermoworks

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    Big Shout Out & Thanks to Thermoworks

    I dropped my Big & Loud Timer & that broke the stand.
    The timer seems to work fine.

    So I e-mailed Thermoworks about getting a replacement stand.
    I expected to pay for it because I broke it.

    They are sending me a new stand under warranty & no charge for shipping!

    What a great company & customer service.

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    Great news! Always glad to hear about good customer service.

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    That's great!
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    And they make great products. Can't get much better than that.
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    Same thing happened to me with my Smoke kick stand. One of my huskys thought it would be fun to use the BBQ counter as a jumping hurdle and knocked the Smoke off, breaking the kick stand, unit still worked great. I emailed them about purchasing a new kickstand and they said dont worry we"ll send you one free of charge, even though they knew it was my fault the kick stand broke and was not a manufacturing error by thermoworks. Two big thumbs up to thermoworks!! great product, great customer service!

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