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Thread: Would this work for a battery solution

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    Would this work for a battery solution

    I know I have seen many threads wanting to be able to unplug the HM and run it oof a battery pack, but no easy way to do it. I was looking around and saw this. would this work? you could plug the HM directly into it and go.
    Omars AC Power Bank, 40200mAh AC Outlet Laptop Portable Battery Pack Travel Charger output with two USB Ports, 90w Output, 146Wh Universal Travel Charger for Macbook, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
    Here are the specs so someone with a better knowledge of electricity could maybe answer.
    Rated input voltage:16.8V DC
    Input Voltage scope:16.6-17.0V DC
    Input current:I=2500mA
    Built in battery specification:18650*12 3350mAh*6
    Cell Charging voltage:4.2V0.05V
    Charging current:2000mA
    Rated Power:110V/60Hz/90W

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    It would probably work, but since the HM wants DC power, why not simplify it and use a 12V battery rather than going from DC Li-Ion batteries out through a 120V AC inverter and then through an AC wall adapter back to 12V DC.

    You can pickup a 12V 9AH UPS battery for ~$25 on Amazon and you can charge it with your car battery charger. Even if you have to buy a car battery charger, it will still work out cheaper than that USB pack and should keep the HM running for many, many hours!

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    Yup, this has been asked for a variety of USB power banks, 12V power banks, and battery-powed AC devices like the one you've linked. They could work, but 12V SLA batteries used in UPSes can be just directly plugged right into a HeaterMeter. A 9AH battery will run a HeaterMeter+blower+damper for several days, is pretty cheap, and can be found nearly anywhere. I've even used the "dead" battery out of an old UPS (where the UPS starts beeping about replacing it) and had no problem running a full 16H cook start to finish.
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    if it helps, i've done 5 or 6 cooks using this battery:

    so far its working flawlessly.

    I intend to print a cradle that will fit this and the heatermeter in one tidy package. one day...

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