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Thread: Dry Brisket Salvation Stew

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    Dry Brisket Salvation Stew

    I'm calling this recipe "Dry Brisket Salvation Stew"

    I did a brisket yesterday that for whatever reasons, probably my own fault, went too long and dry/crumbly.

    What to do?

    Throw it away?

    The family took pity on my failure and urged me to save the meat...but for what?

    I got inspired to just make something up and came up with a concoction that turned out amazingly tasty.


    Sliced the brisket into small 1/4" cubes from the day before slices

    Heated a 6 quart pot with 1/2 stick of butter and added the brisket to get some fat/moisture back in.

    Stirred on low for 10 minutes.

    Added in a 22 oz can of Bush's Southern BBQ Pit Grilled Beans - let simmer for another 10 minutes.

    While simmering, take 2 stalks celery, 1/2 yellow onion, 1 carrot, and 1 medium potato and dice up. Nuke in the microwave for 8 minutes to soften. Sprinkle with garlic/parsley salt...sparingly.

    Add the veggies to the brisket and bean pot - stir well, then simmer for another 15 minutes.

    Final step is to add a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes - simmer for 1 hour.

    Serve as is, or over rice or pasta.

    We served over fresh steamed rice.

    Expensive and ruined brisket now saved.
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    Wow! No replies in 8 months. I would have added mine to beans or chili. You lost me at "stew" (don't like them). ; ' )
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