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    Weber tv

    Hello Jamie,

    First let me thank you for my weber "addiction" lol. My neighbors think I'm crazy bc I have multiple Webers and I use them all for different things. They also think that charcoal is the man's job. I try to get my charcoal cooks in on the weekends. I live in an area where gas grilling is more popular that charcoal. Charcoal around here is only used at the parks for hamburgers and hot dogs except for my house lol. I think it's because a lot of people are afraid of the whole "match light" or "lighter fluid" thing.

    In an emergency situation, I want to be able to be prepared, one way is to cook over fire.

    My question is would you be open to start appealing to teach more women how to grill over charcoal by maybe hosting cooking shows that can cater to women? <Ducking for flying objects from the guys>

    Feel free to tell marketing to paint the otg's in fashion colors lol

    All kidding aside, the books are beautiful.

    Thank you
    :q2100::go anywhere:

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    I'm not Jamie (lol) but we want to see more of your pics Josie! You remind me of my cousin's wife just a little.......and that's a good thing

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    Jo, it sounds like you are onto something(s) good. Thanks for all the nice things you wrote about my work. I'm all for more women grilling over charcoal. It's a wonder to me that so many of your gender stay away. The person who first taught me to grill is a woman. A lot of the people I trust to test my recipes are woman. They give me a lot more detailed feedback than the guys. I'll pass along your request for new color and you find me a TV network that wants a cooking show (with you and me) and we'll put some major momentum behind this women-and-charcoal-grilling trend.

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