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Thread: Photo Bucket Alternatives

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    Photo Bucket Alternatives

    Is there a consensus out there for a good alternative to photobucket? I am not a tech savvy individual so I need simplicity. My photobucket uploads are very slow and erratic, only uploading a portion of my pictures I send. It also seems to boot me out or lock up. I've been frustrated with it for quite some time. I can't even get it to work on my iPad at all. Had to go to the PC and it doesn't work very well on it either.

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    I'm not aware of an alternative, but I have learned a few tricks with photobucket. Never send more than 3 at a time, it's gets very confused when there's more than 3. And if your photos are huge, even 3 might be too much at one time
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    I have PB, but ran out of free storage, so went on Flickr and Google ( Picasa ) but it's named something else recently.
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    Here are a couple of suggestions that will help to minimize problems and max the number of photos you can put on Photobucket. It will also speed up your uploads.

    Simply downsize your photos before you send them to photobucket. There are a number of free applications that do this simply and quickly.

    P.S. I use "Fast Image Resizer" - it is extremely easy to use. There are more complex programs that will do other things, also, but if you want GOOD+SIMPLE, this is it:

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