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if you look top right of the page, you'll see "My Profile". Click that then go down to "General Settings". There you can set a general preference for

Default Thread Subscription Mode:

If you check off one of those, you will receive notification on EVERY thread you have posted in (either started or replied to). I would hesitate to do that though as you may become inundated with email (assuming that's the option you choose). IMO, best is just in the threads that you have a specific interest in, using the method Chris suggested.

BUT as you found out, every time you clear your cookies you'll lose that check mark and have to remember to do it all over again.

Thanks, Len.

I modified RoboForm to automatically fill in the check box, so that helps a lot.

Chris fixed it so I can get emailers every time reply to a thread (or start one). I prefer it that way as I can always unsubscribe from a thread if I lose interest in it.