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Thread: Smoke day in the Finger Lakes

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    Smoke day in the Finger Lakes

    I planned originally to just do a small smoke for the family, but it evolved into a get together with over 20 family and friends. I ended up smoking the 2 racks of St. Louis spares and then adding about 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters grilled and sauced on the performer and redhead kettle. Once the food was out I was too busy making sure everyone got a couple ribs and some chicken, and didn't have a chance to take any pictures. Here's a few early shots as well as ones my wife took of me cooking.

    All of the meat cooked today came from Bostrom Farms, a local farm/butcher outfit. They have a loyalty program that gives a discount when you purchase a certain amount. I suggested they should give their t-shirts instead, especially with WSM Smoke Day coming up. The owner obliged and I'm proud to support them.

    The Ribs all rubbed and ready to go on.

    A crisper full of chicken waiting to be prepped. No veggies today!

    Minion Method. Pear and Hickory were the smoke woods.

    The chicken on the performer.

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    Looks like a great time Dan! Love to see the finished photos
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    Sounds like you had a great smoke day Dan.
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    Looks great Dan! How colds the water? Be up soon to put the docks in!
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    You did good Dan and I'm sure everyone enjoyed your hard work. Like the shirt!
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    Great start looking forward to see how it all came out
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    Clever use for the crisper drawer! That looks like it was fixin' to be a great spread.
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