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Thread: Pin yourself on the Smoke Day Map

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    My Smoke Day starts tonight! I'm packing up the 22" WSM along with seemingly a ton of other things, and heading to a buddy's house for a campout. I'm also trying to convince him to buy a WSM, so hopefully the sales pitch will pay off. We'll be firing it up tonight and cooking a 9lb bone-in pork butt and a decent sized chuck roast overnight. Then when those are done tomorrow, we'll be reloading the WSM with Canadian bacon I've been curing, a few slabs of back ribs, some whole chix wings, and some veggies.

    Lots of beers from Revolution Brewing to accompany the festivities.
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    I wanted to do a brisket tomorrow but everyone was all I scored some Spare Ribs at super wal mart for $1.96 /Lb...they were $1 cheaper than the St. Louis ribs per Lb which made no sense because they contain the entire St. louis ribs and all the extras.. So i trimmed 3 racks myself tonight and used Harry Soo's rub and they will go on at 7 am tomorrow and be ready mid afternoon...I still can't believe I got 3 Racks of spares for less than $40...
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    I'm in for some St. Louis Ribs.
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