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Thread: The inner workings

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    Great and thoughtful response Chris - I have learned a lot here and hope to continue doing so...


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    Thanks, Chris for your labor of love for this website. It has altered the course of my days and nights ever since I stumbled upon it in the past month. Since then, I've made a wsm mini build, bought two more Weber grills (Q200 on CL for $50, a 22.5 silver on CL for $30), made my first beer can chicken, and smoked a few racks of ribs. It's been a delight to come home after work, light up the grill, and cook some hearty meat for my family of 5. I look forward to my next smoke! (or Weber grill!)
    WSM mini build, 22.5" Silver, 22.5" One-Touch Platinum Charcoal Grill, Q200, Go Anywhere Gas

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChangL View Post
    Thanks, Chris for your labor of love for this website.
    That's what I'm talkin' about. Thanks for that feedback, I appreciate it! Glad you've joined us, and hope you enjoy your Weber journey that lies ahead...

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