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Thread: Onion & Garlic - Granulated vs. Powder

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    If a recipe calls for onion or garlic powder, and I want to substitute granulated onion or garlic, what ratio(s) should I use?

    My guess would be that the powder is more dried-out and concentrated, (granulated is still dry, but not as much as powder) so maybe 1 part dry powder = 1-1/2 parts granulated?

    On the other hand, if powder is called for, should I stick with powder, and not sub? (flavors seem to be different between powder & granulated - but maybe it's just more concentrated with dry)

    Your thoughts, oh great throbbing collective?...
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    you are correct that they are not interchangeable. I used powdered onion and garlic once in a recipe, and at the amounts called for, and it overwhelmed the rub.
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    Flavor wise, onion to onion, garlic to garlic, shouldn't be an issue. The amounts... Big difference.
    Supposedly, "1/8 teaspoon garlic powder = 1/2 teaspoon garlic flakes" this according to the cooks thesaurus.

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