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Thread: Gas or Charcoal?

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    Gas or Charcoal?

    Yeah, sounds funny... But with 27 cookers you have to have some gas ones. So, I imagine you prefer charcoal - but is there anything you have found you would rather cook over gas? if so, what? And why? Thanks for your time!

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    The 27 cookers I have, 19 of them are charcoal and 8 of them are gas. I prefer grilling over gas when cook times are less than 20 minutes. I love consistency and when grilling, gas will always give you that. Anything over 20 minutes I prefer charcoal. That being said there is nothing and I mean nothing better than a grilled steak on a legendary Weber kettle. Jury is still out!!

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    Well thanks Kevin. I have always used gas and about a year ago I started using a weber 22.5 kettle. As I have gotten better at using it we don't use the gas for much besides maybe some hotdogs or if my wife wants to grill she will use that... But you are not joking, a steak over charcoal is amazing. Thanks for answering!

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