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Thread: WSM mods

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    WSM mods


    I realize that you are the cook and not the engineer, but........If one views the mod section on this site, and the number of pic's that people post of their mods, I am curious why Weber does not make many of these mods standard on their grills? For instance, I own the 22 WSM and must move it for every cook, so I added wheels. All the rest of my grills from Weber have wheels, my OTP, and my Genesis, not my Q, of course. I cannot for the life of me understand why Weber, other than cost concerns or possible legal issues would not outfit the WSM wheels. I'll leave many of the other mods for another day, though I consider several of them must have's, such as middle section handles.........................By the way, thanks for coming over to answer questions..............David
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    Although I can appreciate where you come from and believe me personally I do, as a company we have regulations and standards we have to adhere too. It is not a matter of cost it is a matter of safety. Although I appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement believe me if we could we would. I am very appreciative of what we have but believe the future will be very bright!!


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