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Thread: Top 100 Competition Rubs

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    Top 100 Competition Rubs

    Ran across this list as I was looking for new competition rubs to experiment with. Thought I share. Some might appear twice.

    Top 100 BBQ Rubs
    1. Everglade Seasoning
    2. Home Rub
    3. Smokin Guns BBQ Rubs
    4. Cimarron Doc’s
    5. Bad Byron’s Butt Rub
    6. Plowboys BBQ Rub
    7. 17th Street Magic Dust
    8. Pork Barrel BBQ Rub
    9. Jack’s Old South BBQ Rub
    10. Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Rub
    11. Bub-Ba-Q Rub
    12. Draper’s AP BBQ Rub
    13. Famous Dave’s Rub
    14. The Shed Rubs
    15. Butcher BBQ Rubs
    16. Obie Cue Texas Seasoning
    17. Smoky Mountain Smokers BBQ Rubs
    18. Blues Hog BBQ Rub
    19. Cattle Boys Rubs
    20. Slap Yo’ Daddy Dry Rub
    21. Paul Kirks Championship BBQ Rub
    22. Texas BBQ Rub
    23. Oakridge BBQ Rub
    24. Big Ron’s BBQ Rub
    25. Southern Pride Premium Blend
    26. Burnt Fingers BBQ Rub
    27. BBQ Bro’s Rubs
    28. Buzz’s Butt Dust
    29. Smokin Coles Rub
    30. Burnt Fingers BBQ Rubs
    31. Willie’s Hog Dust
    32. Cin-Sational Rub Cin Chili
    33. Uncle Bubs BBQ Rub
    34. C-Dub-Rub
    35. Moo’d Enhancer Rub Draper’s
    36. Bayou Barq Rub
    37. Dana Hillis BBQ Rubs
    38. Texas Rib Rangers BBQ Rubs
    39. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ Rubs
    40. The Dizzy Pig BBQ Rub
    41. Wicked Que Rubs
    42. Stump’s Smoker’s Rub
    43. Bone Suckin Rib Rub
    44. Suckle Buster’s Texas Gun Powder
    45. 10 Bones BBQ Rub
    46. Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ Rub and Seasoning
    47. Todd’s Dirt
    48. SuckleBusters BBQ Rub
    49. John Henry’s BBQ Rubs
    50. Scorpion Dry Rubs
    51. The Rolling Grill Rub
    52. Grillin GunPowder
    53. Sock’s Lover Rub
    54. Joe Kem BBQ Rubs
    55. Gator Hammock
    56. Rub me Tender BBQ Rub
    57. La Pans Dry Rub
    58. Chilli Pepper Republic
    59. Horizon’s Smokers BBQ Dry Rub
    60. Dances with Smoke
    61. Pig’s *** Rub
    62. Prairie Smoked and Spice Rub
    63. AlbuKirky Seasoning and Rub
    64. Ohana’s Spice Blend
    65. Clark’s BBQ Rub
    66. Big Butz Seasoning
    67. Rufus Teague BBQ Rubs
    68. Doug’s BBQ Rubs
    69. Slap Ya Mama Dry Rub
    70. JB Fatboys BBQ Rubs
    71. Gatorjak’s BBQ Rub
    72. Jake’s Dry Rub
    73. SureShot Sids Gunpowder Seasonings
    74. Spicy Guy BBQ Rubs
    75. Jim Beam’s Spicy Bourbon BBQ Rub
    76. The Rub Company BBQ Rubs
    77. Big Dick’s Dry Rubs
    78. Emeril’s Rubs
    79. Jen’s Rib Rub
    80. Jack Daniel’s BBQ Rub
    81. Ghost Dust
    82. Lawry’s Season Salt
    83. Tony Chatchere’s Creol Seasoning
    84. Walker Texas Rub’s
    85. Grill Mate’s from McCormick
    86. Sticky Fingers Dry Rub
    87. Rub Some Butts Carolina Style BBQ Seasoning
    88. British Columbia BBQ Rubs
    89. Tasty Licks BBQ Rubs
    90. Back Yard BBQ Culinary Creations
    91. Kansas City All Purpose BBQ Seasoning
    92. Gordon's Grub Rub
    93. Mike’s BBQ Spice Rub
    94. Little Johnny B’s Bona Fyde Rib Rub and Rooster Booster
    95. Williams-Sonoma Dry Rubs
    96. Dean & Deluca Spice Rub Collection
    97. The Ultimate BBQ Collection of Rubs
    98. Texjoy BBQ Rubs
    99. Oasis Seasoning for BBQ
    100. Sue Bee Rubs
    101. Afrika Meat Rub
    102. Daddy Hinkle’s Seasoning
    103. Steve Raichlen Best of BBQ Rubs
    104. Mad Hunky Meat Rub
    105. Planet BBQ Barbecue Rubs out of the UK
    106. Uncle Yammy’s Rubs
    107. Rub with Love BBQ Rubs
    108. BBQ Spice Rubs
    109. Williamson Brothers BBQ Spices
    110. Lawry’s Perfect Blend Seasoning Rub
    111. Grenough’s Magic Dust
    112. Spice Wine and Iron Works
    113. Smith and Truslow Rubs
    114. The Spice House
    115. Hank Williams Family Traditional BBQ Rub
    116. Grillin Woods and Rubs
    117. Pig Pen Original Seasonings
    118. FireBug Grillin Rub
    119. Daddy Hinkle’s Seasonings and Rubs
    120. Black’s BBQ Rubs
    121. Mrs. Dash’s
    122. Southern BBQ Rub
    123. Bone Doctors Rub
    124. Earl’s Gone Wild Rub
    125. Captain Thom’s Rubs
    126. Bandiola Spice Company
    127. Heaven Made Products
    128. Kitschy Chic

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    I'm always leery of lists that purport to rank the best anything, rubs or sauces, when it comes to competitions. I'd like to know how they came up with their rankings. Their are quite a few of those rubs that are fairly prevalent at competitions yet rank way down on that list, i.e. #40 for an example.
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    I'm like you about ranking order. It's near impossible to rank sauce and rubs accurately.

    To me, this list acknowledges popular competition rubs. Many of these rubs I never heard of. Can't wait to order a few and give a try.

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    I'm like you guys, this is all up to personal taste.

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    I like Billy Bone's rubs when I don't feel like mixing up my own. His are not even listed.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    I also disagree with a list like that. Trying to rate a rub against another is like comparing apples to oranges. One rub mightbe aimed specifically at butts (ie. Bad Byrons), whereas another rub might be aimed at something else.

    Also, many of those listed put out several rubs so saying that ALL of their rubs are rated a certain number is not correct in my book.

    HOWEVER, all of the above having been said:
    Famous Dave's shouldn't even be on the list
    Dana Hillis's should be in the top ten
    Bub-A-Q should be higher
    Wicked Que should be in the top ten
    My rib dust shouldbe #1, of course (said snickering)

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    I found that list here here -

    A few other Top 100 lists to - look at/be critical of and other things to click, in your spare(rib) time.
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    Interesting list. I like Bad Byron's for butts but to tell you the truth SPOG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and Onion) has been my go to lately. When adventuresome I add some chipotle or cayene. LOL
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    This is a joke.

    There is no way Everglade Seasoning is #1 or should even be on this list IMO. Better than Butchers? Yea, right.

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