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Thread: S.J. Silver/Gold Mini WSM Smoker: Part 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by JThomas View Post
    Kevin, I just built my CL-found SJG (2012 model). The vent holes are 1 inch in diameter, two per side. I have been amazed at how steady the temp holds in my set up. For my initial burn-in (no food), my smoker held 265+/- deg for 8-1/2 hours without any additional briquets or vent adjustments before I shut it down. I estimate I still had 35-40% of the briqets remaining. I don't think you will a CyberQ to hold your temps if my experience is indicative.
    Thanks JT. I don't have a power outlet on my porch anyway so it will make it easier. Just figured since I have it why not use it. Some things suck over here in Japan such as getting what you really want. I have a new 22.5 WSM sitting in my storage unit back in the US that I can't ship here due to USPS sizes. Oh well it will be there when I get back whenever that is. Thanks again for the response.

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    Kevin, while I have a slight prefence for the SJG kettle for a mini-WSM conversion, I am going to make three SJS-based minis for Christmas presents (a son and two sons-in-law). Just used the inverted large tuna can mod as an ash blocker on a SJS conversion.

    Your challenge will be finding an IMUSA pot that exactly fits your SJS. You can probably buy online from Amazon a Visconia pot instead. It seems from others' experience that this pot fits better out of the box even though it is more expensive. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Buchanan View Post
    Some things suck over here in Japan such as getting what you really want.
    I remember those days. I was stationed on Okinawa for 2 years then in Kyushu for another 18 months... A great experience but i did miss the accessibility things I had at home.
    Enjoy the opportunity there, I made friends with some older Japanese neighbors by simply bringing them sixer of Budweiser and steaks from the BX.......

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    Hi thinking of building a mini smoker. And i was wondering if anyone has used or heard of using this pot:

    I like the look and the durability of the thicker sides. Hopefully i got the link right.

    Also have you noticed when your looking for a used grill there not to be found and when you don't there everywhere. Great site by the way, Thanks Andy

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    Hi Andy, and welcome!

    I'm not sure if anyone has used that specific pot, but there may be a chance that someone has, and hopefully they'll post a reply. As you know, it's all about the fit between the pot and the SJ bowl and lid, so that might be a gamble if you ordered one sight unseen.

    Good luck!

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    Today I used the SJ Gold (used the SJ Silver last time) for my mini, I decided to swap them out to see which I like best.

    I am doing turkey and chicken drumsticks, I put in 12 lit KBB coals and it went right to 280 and stayed there for the first hour and a half, when I put the chicken it at that point I took the middle and top off and put a piece of wood on the coals they were about half ashed over and half just starting to turn grey, I had a full load in my charcoal ring.
    After putting the turkey on the lower grate and chicken on the top it put it back together, the temp climbed to about 235 and stayed there so I knocked some ash off and opened the bottom vents full and top 2/3's it has climbed to 270 and is holding there. I wanted 290 or 300 but without adding lit coals can't seem to get it any higher, although it should be ok I guess.
    Tomorrow I am doing a 6 pound chicken and 3 Turkey Legs and will use the SJ Silver.
    Weber Silver B (bought in 2000) Genesis Gold C (2004 bought 2016), 22 WSM, 14.5 WSM,
    SJG Mini, 22 OTG, SJS, Rib-o-lator,, CharBroil Oiless Fryer,

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    Thanks to this forum, my son and I built a mini for my SJG a couple weeks ago- total out of pocket is about $25 for the pot and new grate. We had the SJG, extra thermo, pie tin for water pan, and assorted hardware on hand.

    Only a couple cooks so far- they were both “reverse sear”, first two tri-tips and then a pork loin roast. Both phenomenal- I really like this setup. Start with the meat up top to slowly bring up to temp, then take the lightweight aluminum pot off, hot up the coals, and sear to finish.

    That said, I would like to do a similar setup with my new Jumbo Joe. Has anyone tried to find an aluminum pot to fit the 18” form factor? It doesn’t need to be super tall- about 12” would work. That would also make for good storage as the Jumbo Joe’s feet are narrower than the kettle so it could sit inside the pot for transport. I may just go with heavy aluminum sheet but a nice round pot would support the upper grill a lot better.

    (The idea isn’t to replace my 18.5” WSM, rather as a portable that would do roasts and whole poultry better than the Joe alone.)
    Jim Long Beach, CA. 18.5 WSM since 2002; Smokey Joe Gold "Mini WSM"; Weber Kettle; Q220; Gas Go-Anywhere; New! Jumbo Joe

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    Is the Vasconia 32-Quart Aluminum Steamer still the GO TO Pot? I only see it at walmart and it is a SITE TO STORE item... that means TIME.... lol Thanks for all the great info.

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