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Thread: Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

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    Doug, that recipe sounds delicious and I'm going to be making that real soon. Love mushrooms and with the smoke awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    Dougs Mushroom Dip

    I was thinking of making this dip for Thanksgiving. Is making it today too far in advance? What goes good with this.....crackers, bread, chips etc?


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    Hey Dave,
    Nice to see you posting, hadnít seen you in a while.
    I donít think this is too soon make the dip, flavors will mellow nicely over the course of a couple of days.
    Iíd probably use toasted sliced baguette for that dip but, slice them fairly thin and not over toast.
    Iím still very much pleased with my WSM! Not using it for Thanksgiving this year, I will be kettling the turkey.
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    I am glad you still enjoy your WMS. I do more reading than posting and yes still smoking. I have been doing large smokes with my 22 WMS usually 6-8 butts at a time. I seam to get asked to smoke for Anniversaries, Grad parties, and church events. I am using my kettle for Thanksgiving also, but I am going to spin my bird.

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