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Thread: Question on Picnic (Pernil) Preparation

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    Hi Jamie - Another question for you.

    I plan on cooking a Picnic Memorial Day Weekend. Will use a traditional Puerto Rican Pernil method / recipe and cooking on my Weber Genesis - The WSM will be low and slow with a load of spares.... Am wondering if you could recommend a delicate smoke - something that will impart a "not cooked in the oven" flavor, yet not overwhelm the base pernil flavors of garlic / oregano / olive oil.

    Thanks for all your guidance on these questions - your expertise is most appreciated!!

    18.5" WSM, 22.5" Modified OTS (2012), 2 x 22.5" red (Both 1992), 22.5" OTG blue (2004) Genesis E-320, SJ, 2 x JJ, Char-Broil BE; looking for an old 26.75"

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    That sounds really good. I am sure it will be a great party. I'd use one the fruitwoods -- either apple or peach. They produce a slightly sweet (almost fruity) aroma which goes really well with pork. And don't use the wood for too long. Number 4 of my Top Ten Smoking Tips in the new book goes like this:

    4. DON'T OVERDO IT. The biggest mistake rookies make is adding too much wood, chunk after chunk, to the point where the food tastes bitter. In general, you should smoke food for no longer than half its cooking time. Also, the smoke should flow like a gentle stream, not like it is billowing out of a train engine.


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