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Thread: Leg quarters & crashers

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    Found a 10 lb. bag of leg quarters at a local grocery for .79/lb. Low prices don't always mean a bargain, as these still had part of the spine attached, and they required quite a bit of trimming to look decent. Got 'em trimmed up and seasoned with Penzey's Forward, garlic salt and some ground rosemary.

    Also made crash hot taters from some of the biggest reds I have ever seen. The cast of seasoning characters is behind the tray. Ended up cutting the largest ones in two just because they were almost as big as a regular Idaho baker.

    Let the chicks rest on a pan while I got half a chimney of KBlue fired up, and I poured them over another half chimney of unlit, spread between two charcoal baskets. Added one chunk of cherry wood and one apple wood chunk for a little smoky goodness. Gonna have to find a source of apple wood, because I'm almost out and the locally available bagged chunks aren't very good. Here's a whole bunch of leg quarters after a quick sear. Note to self - when searing chicken over high heat, don't go inside and forget what you are doing. Tends to make really, really crispy chicken skin! It was still good though.

    Tender, juicy chicken with crispy skin. Really good stuff! Took about an hour and 20 minutes from start to finish.

    Wanted to have a few legs with a little modified No.5 sauce, and I didn't want to gunk up the grates yet (Wolgast - i haven't had the Perfomer a month yet!), so I used a foil half pan to sauce a few legs.

    Fourteen leg quarters is more than too much for the four of us, so I wanted to save a few to be pulled for sandwiches and salads.

    Here is your plate. Had to add just a little butter to the crashers, because EVOO is good, but a little butter makes everything better!

    Thanks for looking. Now I have to pull some chicken and prep a butt to go on the WSM for Easter dinner. Have a great day!
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    Great looking chicken and crashers Jim!
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    Great looking meal! Costco sells leg quarter in a box real cheap. I bought a box a while back and was highly disappointed in the quality.
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    We get chicken like that too I use the backs to make stock. Your chicken & crashers look very good.
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    Beautiful chicken!
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