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Thread: Keri's Hog-Apple Baked Beans

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    My "go to" whenever I make beans!
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    Made a double batch this weekend and served at 2 different parties at my house on sat/sun... Omitted the brown sugar as the rub I make (SYD ) has a good amount of sugar in it.... Loved these beans. a nice switch from "regular" recipe... May try the peach pie filling next time .... A nice way to use up some PP as well
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    I just made these tonight as a side item and the whole family raved about them. Just delicious!! This one is a keeper.

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    I made these beans last weekend to compliment my first time smoke of St. Louis style ribs. I made mine with apples (not apple pie filling), Sweet Baby Rays sauce, a 55oz can of Bush's Baked Beans (original style), Meathead's Memphis Dust for the dry rub and about 12oz of leftover smoked BB I had in the fridge. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly as shown by Keri.

    My take? A bit too sweet for my taste but otherwise delicious. I mixed in a bit (maybe 1 tablespoon) of the Fat Johnny's Bastardized Piedmont Sauce to my serving (about 1 cup) to add a bit of acid and cut the sweetness and they were great. My version of the Piedmont sauce does not include 1Q of apple cider vinegar as shown in the original recipe. It's just too acidic. I used closer to 1-1/2 or 2 cups instead and prefer it that way.

    I will definitely do them again but maybe eliminate the brown sugar from the recipe to cut the sweetness. I'm also interested in trying to make it with fresh peaches which sounds great!

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    This is an always go to base recipe for me for over 10 years.

    I use a BIG heavy aluminum cake pan and let the ribs, brisket or shoulder drip in - else leave it on the top rack and
    add drippings in manually. They smoke very nicely regardless of which tier they are on. I'm typicall using a simple 18"
    WSM with a stacker.

    I make it my own.

    It's a great reference recipe.

    Just made some a few days ago while breaking down 4 cryovac whole spares.

    I like washing off the sauce of the canned beans before hand and removing any fat or non-bean solids. I'm really just after the beans pre-cooked in a sweet base.

    Else I'll cook my own beans from dried.

    I mix in my own rub and jux etc from the given cook along with seasoned grilled chopped trim from the spares (chef treats).

    I do add a can of unseasaoned pie filling, washing off the sauce and chopping (like the beans) or adding fresh grilled apples. I like using my own sauce or subbing in Head Country original.

    Must have made these 50 times with different tweaks that went with the cook. Always get great feedback.

    So again - a great base recipe, but make it your own.

    One of the classic recipes on this site.
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    I appreciate seeing this linked in a thread under the Barbecue Restaurant Directory... and just in time for a shot at making these for Thanksgiving!

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