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Thread: Bulgogi (or kalbi) ribs

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    Im not sure if anyone mentioned this. Every year for an annual snowboarding road trip I make a bunch of jerky. Last year I made Bulgogi jerky, using thinly sliced beef strips marinated overnight in the Bulgogi marinade of your choice. Then dehydrated or slow and realllll low in the WSM. You can put a toothpick through the meat at one tip and hang them through the top grate you can smoke a ton of jerky that way. The taste was AWESOME. I used black cherry wood for the smoke and MAN I cant wait to make it again this year. I'll take pics this time around.
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    What a great idea.

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    The recipe my girlfriend's parents (from Korea) use is a bit simpler...

    1 cup soy sauce
    3 tablespoons sugar
    2 tablespoons sesame oil
    Garlic to taste

    Sometimes they use varying (and optional) amounts of:
    Fresh ginger
    Asian pear puree
    Green onion

    Her parents like to cook them on high, direct heat the entire time. I prefer searing them for maybe a minute or two a side, then finishing with indirect heat. I've never used a smoke wood, since the charcoal adds a nice smoky flavor as-is, but I've considering trying either a mild fruit wood, or doing a Chinese-style smoke pack, with tea leaves and star anise as the base components.

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    You have the secret, Asian Pear,the acids in the pear work as a meat tenderisor and when you put the short ribs into that marinade in big bowl or pastic bag over night in the frig they get real nice and soft. But you can marinade for as little as 2 hours. Now I have done these ribs in a fry pan, in the oven under the broiler, and on a regular BBQ,(which is the best).As stated earlier fire management is the key I like to set my grill up with hot side cool side system, sear them on both sides quickly then pull them back to slow cook through.
    Only takes about 8-10 minutes total per slice.
    Serve with white rice and a couple of different Kimchi's,and bowl of hot & sour soup and you are go to go. Oh yeah, to drink a OB,or Hite, or I can settle for a american beer.
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    I agree. The Asian pear puree is the secret to Korean meat marinades both as a tenderizer and flavor component. It is often left out of Americanized versions of recipies due to earlier lack of availability and/or perceived confusion vs. western pears. I planted an Asian pear in my front yard solely for Korean cooking. Since they all ripen at approximately the same time, I trim, core and puree them en mass and measure out and freeze portions for use throughout the year. The source I used for mine is They have an amazing variety of cool food plants.
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    I make short ribs on my Weber gas grill or my WSM. My favorite rub recipe uses Chinese 5 spice powder, but any rub will do. It takes about 1-1/2 hour on the grill and about 2-3 hours at about 250 degrees on the WSM. All the fat is rendered and the final ribs are moist and delish!

    3 TB light soy sauce
    2 TB dark soy sauce
    1/3 cup Chinese rice wine or dry sherry
    1/3 cup olive oil
    3 tsp five-spice powder
    4 tsp brown sugar
    2 tsp minced ginger
    1 tsp minced garlic
    1 scallion (green onion, spring onion), finely chopped
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    My wife's family is Korean and their recipe for marinade is very similar. But they use a can of coke. Marinade for several hours and grill over high heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Minion View Post
    Here is one I like, not sure where I got it.

    This marinade can also be used to make pul kogi (barbecued thin sliced beef), or on chicken pieces.

    3 lb. beef short ribs
    Marinade (yong nim):

    1 cup Shoyu (soy sauce)
    1/4 cup Water
    3 to 4 Large Garlic Cloves, smashed and minced
    1 tsp Ginger, minced (optional)
    1/2 cup Brown Sugar
    4 Tbl Goma Abura (sesame oil)
    2 Tbl. Iri Shiro Goma (roasted white sesame seeds), left whole
    2 Tbl. Iri Shiro Goma (roasted white sesame seeds), crushed
    few dashes of Ground Black Pepper
    5 stalks Negi (green onions), chopped fine 1 fresh chili, minced (optional)

    If you use thick beef ribs, score them so the marinade will penetrate. Mix all marinade ingredients and rub marinade into the ribs. Place ribs in large ziplock bags and pour marinade in. Squeeze out excess air and seal bags. Marinate for several hours or overnight. Grill over medium hot coals.

    * If the meat is really thin (like sukiyaki beef), just marinate 2 to 4 hours, or it will get too salty.

    * *You can add even more flavor and "kick" to the marinade by adding your choice of 1 1/2 Tbl. of EITHER Kochujang (Korean hot soybean paste) OR chili paste w/garlic OR Sriracha Chili Sauce (just use ONE of these, not all of them at once!).

    \m/ Gene

    Addendum: I smoke the marinated meat before grilling. Cherry or Apple mixed with Mesquite or Oak is a good combination.

    Pul Kogi is thinly sliced beef barbequed on the Mongolian Barbeque pot. This is a pot about 18 inches in diameter that contains wood charcoal with a domed lid with bulged slits and a curled lip into which the juices of the marinated barbequeing meat are caught. When the meat is done it is dipped into the Au Jus in the lip before it is placed into a Romaine lettuce leaf which has been prepared by placing a dab of Garlic/Chile paste a clove or two of baked garlic in the center upon which is place several slices of the barbequed meat. The lettuce is then rolled burrito style and eaten. A cold lager beer is an excellent accompaniement with this dish.

    Kalbi is sometimes spelled Galbi.
    Galbi is the Korean spelling, love your recipe we add a 1/4 cup of grated Asian pear or you can american pear, or lemon lime soda, the acid breaks the meat fibers down and tenderizes to make it very soft, i usually grill these indirect with a quick sear on each side.
    served with rice , Kimchi ( many types) lettuce leafs for a wrap and soybean red pepper paste.
    I am diabetic so i use honey instead of any sugar.
    the best meal on earth.
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    I've been to Korea about 6-7 times. The last time I was there (2009) they were in the process of De-Americanizing the spelling of their cities, replacing the Ts with Ds. Tongduchon = Dongducheon, Taegu = Daegu, etc.
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