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Thread: Just a couple of questions

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    TVWBB Fan Richard Hinton's Avatar
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    I join the others in thanking you for making time to visit with us. Here are my questions:
    In "Smoke," you recommend using water for low-and-slow cooks. I used water in my WSM until our drought got so severe that even lawn-watering was prohibited. I then went to a clay saucer.
    What am I losing by continuing with the saucer even though watering restrictions have eased?
    I find it easier than using water, and I hated cleaning the post-cook water pan.
    2. Kamados are the new hot thing in outdoor cooking. Is Weber considering one?
    I enjoy your books. Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Richard,

    It's good to be here. I wish I could give you a really thorough answer on the clay saucer routine, but I've never tried that. I've always used water, even out here in drought-prone California. We haven't had prohibitions on watering the lawn (yet). Anyway, I am guessing that you are losing a little humidity inside the smoker, which could make the meats a little juicier.

    I read recently that Weber is not planning to make kamados.

    Thanks for your questions and for using my books.


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