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Thread: Bacon made easy

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    Pretty sure he's misspelling "cured" Check your keyboard, us dyslexics need to hang together
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    Just did my first batch of bacon and I’m never going back to store bought! Next round, I’d like to do a bourbon brown sugar. Can I put the bourbon in with the cure or will then screw up the chemicals reactions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    The salty taste some get, if properly rinsed/soaked, puzzles me.
    I rinse, rub under running water, and soak only for a few minutes changing the water a few times and it's not at all salty, and I'm not one who likes things salty.
    I have same experience
    Ive been sprinkling salt ON my bacon
    Its not salty at all imo

    It seem to me that too much brown sugar affects the ability to get crispy though. Only did 3 batches from same belly, first was better than next two . Meat was definitely sweeter and not crispy on last two. I think all i did different was likely more brown sugar.
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    Seem to me the bacon cooked better after being frozen.

    Anyone else notice or have opinion on this? Seemed more ...relaxed, pliable. me a globe 10" slicer from fleabay, so ill be slicing a lil more consistently in future. Should improve cooking too .

    I had a few big ones near me for real good prices, shame i cant move around a 90 lb slicer. One woman almost begged me to buy her 12" 90lb univex for a song. I think this little globe will be perfect for pork loin, bacon, pastrami, etc. Got a pastrami smoking right now...
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