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    Smokey Joe Gold Copper Color

    I didn't think a pic of the box was worth posting I did open it look in and reseal it . I didn't mean to sound like it was nothing to find it I am very happy about it but since its not made now and I don't really need it to use I am just gona stick it away ! It sure is a perty color thou it...
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    Smokey Joe Gold Copper Color

    I found one today ata church rummage sale new in the box never even been put together ! Paid $10.00 I know its not a great colletors find but for me its fantastic , Having any Weber other that a black one is diffrent D1 date code I think thats 2007 . Do they make this color now anyone know ?
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    Frozen propane bottle

    + 1 on the regulator .
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    Normal temp of q200 Fixed it with a little work on hose

    If you burn off the grill about 10 minutes or so after a cook and then use a brush on the grates while its hot then let it cool and clean the bowl under with a plastic spatuala you won't get the stench. Atleast thats what I do and NO smell even after 3 fish cooks .
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    In your opinion: What's the perfect rib?

    Any rib Iam eating at the moment is my perfect rib .
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    Whole potatoes on the grill Poll

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by K Kruger: I never foil as it just steams them, keeping them dense rather than light, and one is dependent on adding things to the foil for flavor. I...
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    Cleaning Q300 grate

    +1 on the brass welders brush + I let mine burn off a while on full boogey befor I put it away then clean the grates and the stuf just about falls off .add that to a 10 or 15 minute warm up every cook and my grates are perfect and well sesoned !+ I coat them with pam befor and afer every cook...
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    Normal temp of q200 Fixed it with a little work on hose

    Sounds to me like you kicked the safety on the 20# adapter ! You have to be sure the Q is in the off position and then open the valve on the tank slow . Once in a great while you have to disconect the whole thing and start over . 400 is way to low for a 20 minute warm up . Mine seems to work...
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    European Grills

    Someone most likely sued someone and hince the bolts ! But Iam just guessing
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    Better with water or without?

    WATER except with poultry !!!!! But this again is a chicken or the egg question .
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    My First Cook(s) and a Thanks (long post!)

    2 great looking cooks and meals I never get to hung up on temps I use the lid for the smoker and a maverick for the meat and go by feel more than temp on the meat ! The Maverick is just so I know when to start checking the meat . But looks to me like you did just fine ! Only thing I se...
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    Advice Request

    Upper or lower on my 22 I have never noticed a bit a diffrence ! YMMV I never foil turn or spritz just rubem and leter rip at about 250 until they pass the tear test on top and the bottom always matches right up ! Once there off I could never tell you what rack they were cooked on .
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    Giant Whole Pork Loin Need Ideas !

    Just an update . I ended up cutting it into 2 kinds a chops and one roast I cut some nice regular chops and some thicker for making stuffed chops ! I gotta say after having made some reg chops and a round of stuffed chops . I will never buy reguar bone in pork chops again . I will just buy these...
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    Char Q ?

    Ya Iam gona get one just trying to wait and see IF I can find a deal at seasons end here is all ! I love my gas Q and also like coal but don't always wana fire up the beast for 2 of us . So the Char Q looks like the way to go . Hopen for a deal soon . Hey I can hope if not I will just buy the...
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    Whole potatoes on the grill Poll

    I mostly do fingerlings with EVOO salt and lots pepper in one a those foil pans on exteme heat on my Q placed on a rack for 35 min after the Q is up to temp . But when I do whole taters I use the golds and indirect heat EVOO is a must S&P and letem cook.
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    Anyone wash and re-use alum. foil?

    real simple save foil I don't foil it to each his own .I just wash mine out with dawn and the water hose when Iam done looks as good almost as new .But I use water in all cooks but no gunk gets burned on the pan . I use a caly saucer for poultry and foil it but that foil since it...
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    Weber Q Model Comparison Chart

    I think some sites like Amazon give the shipping weight vs the actual weight .
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    Don't post often, but I wanted to say thanks

    NO PIC'S it never happened
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    Char Q ?

    I think Iam going to get one and just bite the bullet on the price ! We are empty nesters most of the time cooking for 2 and my wife B@#$%^ when I don't use charcoal . I sometimes get lazy and just fire up my Q100 This will fit our pistol I think and last longer than me I think so in the...
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    Char Q Burgers

    One or 2 last ? How is it for catching ash and how is the clean up easy PITA ? Thanks a bunch guys