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    Red performer platinum - $50 (Houston)

    Wow scored some awesome deals! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a good deal on a WSM. Let me know if you find something!
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    Red performer platinum - $50 (Houston) Fantastic deal for anyone looking for one! Includes chimney and other accessories. It probably won’t be available very long.
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    NIB Performer Deluxe $200 Offer Up Houston

    If I didn't have three performers already, I'd totally drive up to Katy to pick that one up. Unless it's super cheap like less than 50 bucks, it's probably not worth it for me to drive that far. The $35 performer that I picked up from Spring last that was worth the drive.
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    NIB Performer Deluxe $200 Offer Up Houston

    Nice deal. There's never anything good like that around Sugar Land...I'm trying to find a beater kettle to work with the $40 KP from Walmart.
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    22 WSM CL Houston $150

    Yeah, I have learned to not get too excited about a CL deal until I have it loaded in my vehicle. Too many disappointments in the past.
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    22 WSM CL Houston $150

    The guy ended up selling it to one of his buddies. Oh well...just gotta be patient a little longer...
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    22 WSM CL Houston $150

    Thanks Pat! I'm meeting him tomorrow.
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    WSM eastern Texas

    When are you heading out?
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    HD score - Performer Premium - $139

    I took one of my sons to the build and grow kids workshop at Home Depot this morning in Sugar Land, TX. We had some time to kill afterwards, so we checked out the different Weber products in the outdoors section. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this: Under the lid were the timer, two...
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    Kettle Pizza Deep Dish

    I miss Chicago style pizza! I may have to try this.
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    Midnight Mass

    Those cooks look perfect! What a great experience! Congrats on the success!
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    Smoked Pears

    That looks awesome! Did it taste as good as it looks?
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    First cook on my new Smokey Joe - Beef Short Ribs

    Awesome cook! And beautiful color! I feel that the side vents on the SJG doesn't allow enough air compared to the SJS to really get the coals going.
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    Weber 22" Jumbo Joe - Houston/Katy - $25

    Check out this grill for $25 on OfferUp. I think you could probably offer 15-20 for it. Don't see these popping up too often around here...
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    No One Likes A Braggard

    Nice bargaining skills...$65 down from $120 asking! Congrats!
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    **One Touch Platinum rehab**

    I know this is an old thread, but I recently acquired an older beat up performer that I would like to restore. The bowl is rusted through, but I want to remove the brackets and place them on another kettle to by mounted. How did you pop the brackets off?
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    I Got Excited When I Saw This CL Listing

    Was that post the one that had a red ss performer in the pic?
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    Add me to the Performer family!

    Congratulations on the awesome find! Weber customer service is the best. How much were the replacement lid and table? I have a plastic table that is cracked and will probably need to replace it at some point. Did they give you any trouble for requesting the newer metal working table?
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    This weber is a steal!

    Wish I could find that in Houston!
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    Green master touch - Sacramento - $25