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  1. Charlie L

    Flip Grills, Get Rich $$

    Thank you for the kind words: I will post some photos ASAP
  2. Charlie L

    Flip Grills, Get Rich $$

    So i knew there was a handful of us out here but didn't know how many. I am currently putting the finishing touches on my 100th Weber rehab! It started just casually upgrading my own collection one kettle or smoker at a time from 2012 to 2015 and did 11 during that time. I needed a gasser for...
  3. Charlie L

    New Summit Charcoal Grill

    The 24” CI for the BGE fits, why wouldn’t the 24” SS? checkout babyback maniacs YouTube
  4. Charlie L

    Smoked Pork Shoulders - Whole or halfed?

    In my experience, cutting in half give more area for bark but doesn't affect cooking time as much as you think. I've done it for space issues doing buts on kettle and the results were good but cook time wasn't significantly shorter. The only down side is you don't get "the clean bone pull" you...
  5. Charlie L

    2016 New Weber Products

    Found new photo on Twitter: Silhouette shows more of shape: kind of WSM kettle hybrid maybe?
  6. Charlie L

    Spares on 22 - 6 racks

    I don't rack much anymore because I have bigger cookers now but when I did in the old days I would only use rack for first phase. Once I foiled the ribs can overlap in foil at that point.
  7. Charlie L

    2016 New Weber Products

    Watched the video again in higher quality. It's clear the stainless steel box on the right has an igniter. Perhaps the box is a self contained gas assist igniter. The box could allow the closer placement to grill but protect the propane canister from the heat of the grill.
  8. Charlie L

    Spares on 22 - 6 racks

    If the rubs are the same is dripping going to adversely affect the lower rack?? Guys do drip pan beans to collect dripping I feel like this would enhance the flavor. Like previous poster mentioned rotate racks to offset temp difference. If you really don't want dripping, You can roll ribs...
  9. Charlie L

    2016 New Weber Products

    Looking at video, I feel like I see a thick gasket like rim so I'm thinking a steel insulated smoker grill like a weber bubba keg.
  10. Charlie L

    New WSM 22.5 - Looking for Some Advice

    I used to seek temperatures perfection but I have learned that it's not worth stress. I'm no competition pitmaster, I'm just a dude in his backyard looking for some ribs. I do still use a pitmasterIQ sometimes, but I think it's out of habit as it was a gift, if I didn't have it I'd be ok. For...
  11. Charlie L

    New WSM 22.5 - Looking for Some Advice

    ATC's like the guru are great but you can manage without with some practice. I have a pitmaster Iq and it helps but if you start with the right amount of lit and minion start it holds temp fairly well with out. The more I cook, the less I worry about exact temp. As long as I'm in range I am...
  12. Charlie L

    First butt in the books!

    I'm a novice at butts but my fat caps never fully render. I have tried scoring but that left too much fat in the finished product. My last experiment worked well. Remove cap whole, rub capless butt and then place cap on top for cook. The cap bastes meat during cook and then gets discarded post...
  13. Charlie L

    Got the first cook in on my 18.5...need some direction on a mod

    Sorry for the late response. Crazy week at work. One washer behind each strap did it for me.
  14. Charlie L

    Got the first cook in on my 18.5...need some direction on a mod

    my 18 had same issue. solution was to put a few fender washers in between the smoker body and the brackets that hold the grates and bowl.
  15. Charlie L

    Why do we wait for lit charcoal ash to "gray over" before using it?

    For me, it really depends on the brand. if im using lump or a natural briq like stubbs or TJ's i will dump sooner but if its KBB i let it ash over OR i give it a longer preheat with grate in place before i put food on. KBB has an infamous taste if its not fully lit.
  16. Charlie L

    Ash Sweepers Sticking

    Get a plastic putty knife and give the bowl a scraping. If that doesn't do it. Put dawn dishsoap on the caked on crud without water and let soak overnight. Use a razor scraper and the caked on grease ash will scrape off like strips of film.
  17. Charlie L

    baby backs - foiling the foil

    You mentioned that it was more chop like. does that mean less tender? if so, 4 hours at 225 for spares might not be enough time or heat. I do spares in 3.5-4 hours at 275, many folks who go 225 go for longer often: 3-2-1 6 hours for full spares or 2-2-1 5 hours for BB's.
  18. Charlie L

    Custom Wine Barrel Smoker

    Very nice looking build.
  19. Charlie L

    Your help is needed...

    I agree with Tony, I spent three years buying, trading, and modding cookers in a quest for Temp control and realized that for a back yard cook its completely unnecessary. I have an ATC and it does a decent job but i can cook fine without it. Use your best judgement to control how much lit coal...
  20. Charlie L

    Newbie questions on charcoal and temp control...

    trial and error. Youll learn what works for you.