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  1. RicardoL

    First Cook on my WSM 1880

    Need to find me one!
  2. RicardoL

    Sunday Piggy Cook

    Look great. Those home made tostadas are the best, the store bought ones don't even come close.
  3. RicardoL

    Labor Day Yakitori

    It is hard for me to keep up with this excellent bulletin board with work and the kids, but I am always lurking and getting inspired. This week I took a stab at Yakitori, after seeing all the incredible entries on the board and doing some research of my own, here is my end result... On the...
  4. RicardoL

    Kraft Recalls four varieties of its regular American Singles cheese product 8/29/2014

    Dang, I just threw one of them slices on a fried egg sandwich this morning!
  5. RicardoL

    Grilling for my boy's birthday party - advice needed

    Party went great. Did the dogs on a "hot" Mini Smokey Joe, and cooked the burgers to order. Thanks for everyone's help! No pictures, got a little busy.
  6. RicardoL

    Tri-Tip Monday

    How did that orange wood workout? I got some from my tree. Good looking tri-tip.
  7. RicardoL

    Grilling for my boy's birthday party - advice needed

    Thanks for the feedback and advice. The party is tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.
  8. RicardoL

    Grilling for my boy's birthday party - advice needed

    My little man is turning 4 and we are having a Dodgers Party for him - he is a huge Dodgers fan, like his old man. When it comes to grilling, I only own a Weber 22.5" OTS. I am going to grill hot dogs and burgers for a crowd of approximately 50 people. How do you recommend I go about keeping...
  9. RicardoL

    Try Tip - you'll like it!

    Looks darn good to me!
  10. RicardoL

    New Guy last weekend's project Go Giants

    Great looking smoker and cooks, but that logo has got to go.
  11. RicardoL

    Bart Skelton's Green Chili Stew

    Dang... That looks goooood!
  12. RicardoL

    Throwdown #20: Pork Chops

    Sounds like fun...!
  13. RicardoL

    Dueling Shoulder Steaks

    Beautiful looking food.
  14. RicardoL

    Escuche las Golondrinas....

    Good looking Carne Asada, San Bernadino is doing it right.
  15. RicardoL

    Burgers and Beanie Weinies

    Looks good to me! Love the look of those beans.
  16. RicardoL

    Garlicky Lime Pork Tenderloin Steaks

    Good deal and good eats!
  17. RicardoL

    Enchiladas on the weber....

    Good looking enchiladas, good use of leftovers!
  18. RicardoL

    Spring Break Al Pastor

    I just warmed some up for breakfast, along some scrambled eggs and a flour tortilla. Was pretty dang yummy - tasted better the second day. Here is a link to the video of the America's Test Kitchen I got the recipe from yesterday. As for them being "spicy", as described by the video, not...
  19. RicardoL

    So Cal

    Welcome to the board!