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    Weber Family Portraits

    Had a little get together last week. A pair of Kettle fans brought the 18 WSM, Red 18 OTG, PP Avocado 18, Lime SJ and Kettle Pizza attachment. We cooked from 12.30-11pm.
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    The Three Amigos....

    What a wonderful sight.
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    BBQ in the snow

    Very nice.
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    Found this GEM on CL this morning

    What a wonderful thing. Congrats on the find.
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    My search has ended

    Clean cooker, Craycort grates and a no handguard lid at a reasonable price. Very sweet. Don't be afraid of having too many's good, it's good.
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    16 Pounds of Pork Butt on the Jumbo Joe

    Never would have thought you could fit all that meat on a JJ. The clearance between the cooking grate and the underside of the lid would have made me think it would not work. I would have been wrong. Gotta love a Weber Kettle.
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    Vintage 26" grills......

    Stephen is The Man when it comes to Kettle collecting. Any Weber fan would be more than happy to have either of those cookers in the lineup.
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    Mangal grill

    I want one of these Mangal things BAD. Please stock these Weber. I will buy one straight off....promise.
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    Newbie(almost) from Detroit.

    Right on. That's the attitude I like.
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    Newbie(almost) from Detroit.

    I love that. Ya Ron...don't let the weather hold you back. I am located 2 hours down the road from you. Last night was bitter cold....what I cooked: All shut down:
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    Weber Family Portraits

    Been popping in from time to time but it has some months since I made a post here. Last year saw me with Weberitis bad boys. I started the year with a black and blue OTG. From early November: These 3 redheads showed up in early December: Love this shot: Thanks to all the Grillfellas...
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    My Smoke Day

    That shot of the bone with some of the meat eaten off is choice. Well done.
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    Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans

    The first rack is done and time to eat: Most of this was pull of the bone, moist and pretty juicy on some bones: Served with fresh asparagus from the garden and my wife's take on Big Moe Cason's Slaw: The remaining 3 racks finishing: The shred from one of the chine bone strips...
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    Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans

    Ribs after 3 hours or so in the smoker and ready to foil: Nothing complicated here just parkay, brown sugar, honey and Tiger Sauce: Chicken in the blue and the foiled ribs on the two blacks: Momma and the dogs: On the way to the garden with her minder in tow: The sauce I am using...
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    Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans

    Been doing this style of beans with the pinnapple now for almost 2 years and made grown men swear by and about them. Lookin' like a good batch so far. I have yet to taste any. Wait till you see how I finish these babies.....the chine bone strips will play a part.
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    Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans

    It is a little over an hour in and the bark on the ribs has formed. I put the pan in under the ribs then added the beans as well as adding some boiled water to the water pan in the lower section of the WSM. I am spritzing the ribs with a mix of hot water and worcestershire sauce. Love this...
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    Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans

    Getting set up: Temp is about 277f and smoke is clean: Put the ribs on the hangers: Onto Smokezilla: Gonna put a pan underneath the ribs for the beans to be added in about an hour or so. I am running white oak and some rum oak cask pieces....smelling sweet it is. Ribs will be...
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    No foil harmed in this cook!! 18.5 hr marathon - packer + BBRs

    Good looking food right there. Love to get me some of that brisket but what I have on the go will have to do.
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    Smoke Day London Ontario Canada - Side Ribs And Beans

    Got 2 uncut racks of side ribs in the fridge and am going out shortly for some Bush's beans and some stuff to Tex them up. I will update with photos as I go. I will be hanging my ribs via a Weber hanging rack and using a 2nd middle section so I can leave my ribs long and still have a rack for...