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    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

    I have printed & built the rotary offset damper and can get the servo to work without issue using a 2A power supply with just the servo arm connected to the servo. As soon as I mount the valve part with the fan the servo does not move and makes stuttering sounds. I printed the valve with 50%...
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    Somke and burning smell after connecting ethernet cable

    I did end up taking the atmega chip out and replaced the power mosfet and the L1 inductor. The power mosfet had definately melted as i had a hard time getting it off the board. I added the new pi and everything is back to working now with the fan slowly increasing speed in voltage mode when...
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    Somke and burning smell after connecting ethernet cable

    Thanks for the advice. I have checked the 5v to the pi and that looked good. I also can see that power mosfet looks a bit melty so I have ordered a new one and plan to solder it in. Are there any dangers from heat soldering the board as is? Do i need to take the atmega chip out? Thanks Tim
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    Somke and burning smell after connecting ethernet cable

    Smoke and burning smell after connecting ethernet cable Hi, I have recently encountered an issue with my heater meter 4.3 raspberry pi zero W setup. It was working fine with my micro damper setup however I wanted to test it with just using a fan so I soldered up an Ethernet cable to a 5.5mm dc...
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    RP 3b+ HeaterMeter boot woes

    I had exactly the same issue and used the snapshot. I have done a couple of cooks on it without issue.
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    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    I wired mine up last night and found it was a much easier fit if you removed the "wings" off the servo. I soldered everything outside of the enclosure and then was able to fit it all in. I did a test fitting before soldering.