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    Interesting temperature findings on 14.5 in WSM

    When you take a bite of rib meat it should come cleanly off the bone. A little more done is falling off the bone. An awful lot of people love ribs falling off the bone, so good for them. I never temp ribs, judge doneness by amount meat has pulled back and the color. You can also wiggle the...
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    Pork Butt Fat Cap or No Cap?

    It has been a while since I came across a butt with full fat cap. The one I buy have it mostly removed. A little fat seem to work well.
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    Starter Cubes

    Maybe I'm "old school" but I have always used crumpled newspaper and never had a problem. Full chimney takes about 20 minutes to light.. Supermarket flyers works well if you can't find a newspaper these days.
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    Snake River Farms Spares

    I am a huge fan of Berkshire pork but I have never ordered from Snake River. Over the years I have bought Berkshire pork ribs and Boston butts from both Heritage Farms and D'Artagnan. Sometimes I get them from my butcher, who uses these suppliers, as well. The D'Artagnan ribs come 3 slabs in...
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    Rib Membrane?

    I remove membrane as others have suggested, with paper towel and butter knife--I find screw driver is better. The reason I do this, and sometimes it is a chore, is so the rub will better penetrate the ribs.
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    Wood selection for brisket...any ideas?

    I like hickory & cherry or red oak & cherry for most beef cooks.
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    Does your WSM have a favorite temperature zone?

    I have downsized from the 18 to the 14. Both seem to like the 275 are--no water pan.
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    What, in your mind, is "barbecued chicken"?

    I agree. I use the always successful Roadside Chicken recipe.
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    Expert advice needed

    Agreed. I always thought 2 hrs foiled was a bit much. I run my WSM differently (275 no pan) but nonetheless 3 hrs is when they should be foiled as they will never be too done at that point. Although I am loathe to open lid, I sometimes look at them quickly at 2 1/2 hrs. (I practice Zen...
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    Previously Frozen Ribs?

    Thanks everyone. I live in small NYC (Greenwich Village) apartment so my only freezer is the one in my refrigerator. It works great and we smoke ribs and butts when we are out of the city and bring home the results in vacuum sealed servings so our little freezer in full. FYI, here in NYC we do...
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    What is everyone's favorite charcoal?

    I had a WSM 18. for years before I bought their grill and used both all the time. In the beginning I used KBB. The first lump I used was Wicked Good brand and was really blown away by the different flavor it imparted on that first cook (chicken) but over time I got used to it. Also tried...
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    Previously Frozen Ribs?

    I'm reasonably sure the previously frozen ribs I saw several years ago were not branded. And that supermarket did not have the best meat. But the one I will be visiting had always had good butcher department and I've been happy with everything there--so I'll take a good look at them but it...
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    Previously Frozen Ribs?

    That sounds good. I'll pick some up. I smoke them, freeze and vacuum seal them and they provide meals for months.
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    Previously Frozen Ribs?

    I am planning on spending my vacation smoking ribs and am on the lookout for some less expensive ones to experiment with. I noticed the supermarket near where I'll be advertised "previously frozen ribs"--I saw these in a supermarket a few years ago and was not tempted to buy. Does anyone have...
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    First ribs in WSM

    I think many have found the 275 neighborhood is best. I do not use water pan at all. Usually no problem holding steady 260-280 although sometimes it creeps near 300 for a bit but I don't worry if it does. I do ribs often, usually 3 chucks wood with Kingsford original, minion. I check at the...
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    St. Louis Ribs - Whats your favorite time/temp combination?

    My WSM seems to like to settle at 275 and that suits me, too. I cook 2 1/2 to 3 hours before wrapping with HD aluminum foil For an hour or so and then finish off on top with a bit of my own sauce to firm them up. Works every time. Sometimes temp slips up to 300 but that doesn’t seem to be a...
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    Best wood "chunks" from either store or online?

    Smokinlicious is my current source for wood. But I have just visited Fruita and Sharpe sites and they look good, too. Bottom line is they give us a chance to experiment with different woods and that’s a good thing. After a couple decades of smoking I settled on cherry, oak and hickory. If you...
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    Cowboy Oak & Hickory Hardwood Lump Charcoal [not recommended]

    The point is the bag is labeled LUMP CHARCOAL and that is not what it contains. Period. I bought a bag of Cowboy many years ago and is contained flooring and sparked like the 4th of July. Stick to the Folks that offer actual lump charcoal.
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    Rib hanger for a 14.5?

    I have a LavaLock rib hanger got my 14.5 and I have used it twice with great results.
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    How many own more than one WSM?

    I have two, a 22 Kettle and the 14.5 WSM. Had the 18 WSM almost 20 years but downsized to the 14 as it is easier to travel with in our small car. Unfortunately, as I live in NYC, my smoking equipment at my daughter's house in CT. . I use both each weekend I am able to visit them. Chicken...