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    Smoking Brisket and St. Louis Ribs

    Hi, I will be smoking an 11lb brisket and 2 racks St. Louis cut ribs Memorial Day week-end on a 22-in WSM. How do I smoke both without issues of cross-contamination? I plan on putting the brisket on the smoker @ 4:00am for about a 12-hr cook. I figure the ribs will take about 5 hrs and I am...
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    How to install new thermometer on 22 WSM?

    All, Based on everyone's response, I am going to forgo the Tel-Tru and just stick with what I have. I was curious because I see other users going to the Tel-Tru and was wondering if I was missing something. I am glad everyone set me straight. Thanks everybody for your insight. Dave
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    How to install new thermometer on 22 WSM?

    I would like to replace the original thermometer on my 22" WSM with this one: Tel-Tru BBQ Thermomter I don't know how to install the new thermometer as the connections are different from how Weber connected their thermometer. What additional parts would I need to order? Any suggestions...
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    Temperature Gauge Mod

    What is the stem length of your tel-tru thermometer? I plan on getting on for my 22" smoker. Thanks. Dave
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    Black Handles?

    How would you attach these handles to the side of a 22.5 smoker?
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    Purchasing a new 22.5" - What mods do I need?

    All, Thank you for you suggestions / links. I can't wait for the smoker to arrive! Dave
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    Purchasing a new 22.5" - What mods do I need?

    Hi all, I am ordering a new 22.5" smoker to replace my 18" smoker. I made some mods to my 18 WSM - added side handles and inserted gromlet for my Maverick ET-73. What mods should I make to the larger WSM? Will my gromlet work in the larger smoker? How about the door? Should I get a new door...
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    Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

    Larry and all, I have scoured this thread and can't locate the rub recipe...the links that are cited are dead. Will someone share the rub recipe? Thanks much. Dave
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    Roadside Chicken

    John, Thanks for your help. Dave
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    Roadside Chicken

    Hi John, Thanks for your help. Do you know about how hot your fire was? What was your total cook time? Thanks. Dave
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    Roadside Chicken

    Hi All, I plan on trying this recipe on skinless and boneless chicken breasts and chicken tenerloins. How long should I marinate the chicken? I will be using my Performer and Kingsford to cook the chicken. Do I set up for indirect or direct? How hot should the grill be? How long do I cook...
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    Chicken Tenderloins and ABT

    I plan to cook chicken tenderloins instead of chicken wings for my son's graduation party (college age). How long do I marinate the tenderloins and how do I cook them (i.e., on the kettle at what temperature and for how long?). Do I cook them whole and then cut into strips (how big)? ABTs -...
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    Are furniture wood scraps safe for smoking?

    Hi, I am smoking a brisket this weekend and I want to use oak wood chunks. Not having any, I asked my neighbor, who happens to be a cabinet maker, if he had any scraps of oak wood that I could use to add to my smoker. He gave me six pieces of oak scraps measuring about 3"x1/2". I got to...
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    Weber Performer Lockable Wheels Question

    Hi all, I have had my Weber Performer for about 4 years. This past weekend, the plastic locking tab on one of my caster wheels broke and on the other wheel the plastic tab won't lock, so essentially my Performer wheels can't be locked. Did this happen to anybody else? If so, did you contact...
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    Plans for WSM caddy

    Paul, What is your email address? Thanks for your help. Dave
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    Plans for WSM caddy

    Bill, This works for me...btw, I am using IE7. Thanks. Dave
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    Plans for WSM caddy

    Paul, Thanks for your reply. Would you also repost the pictures, like r benash asked as well...I get the same error. Thanks again. Dave
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    Plans for WSM caddy

    Paul, I would be interested in receiving your WSM caddy plans as well. What did you use to act as a wind block? How do you access the bottom vents? Can you use this caddy in the rain? Also, could you send me the photos? When I click on the photos in your link, I get a "404 Not Found" Thanks. Dave