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    I don't get it...

    My wife won't order steaks at a restaurant because she says mine on the grill are better and about six months ago I bought a WSM . Now she won't buy ribs at a restaurant. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook but I would like to go out and eat once and a while.
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    Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

    Tried the orange marmalade and sirachi wings last night, OMG it was great! Will definitely do again. Am thinking about using the sauce on ribs. What do you think
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    Roadside Chicken

    tried roadside chichen this weekend and it was great.
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    Chicken Wing Prep

    Try a dry barbeque rub (whatever your favorite is) and extra cayenne ( to taste). Put the rub on the raw wings and let them set in the refrigerator overnite. The next day grill them over direct heat until done. Put them in a container with more rub and shake. Then serve. I know it's simple but...