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    Target Copper the same as new Copper?

    I have a platinum performer in copper purchased right after Xmas, and a Smokey Joe retrieved NIB from my MIL several years ago that she might have purchased at Target. [/URL]
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    Smokey Joe

    Hopefully this will work. Picture of my two Copper Grills on the back deck
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    Smokey Joe

    A little background first. I have had a 18" WSM for several years, and used this website for some great recipes. We just moved from NJ to SC (I do not miss the snow). When we moved, I brought my WSM, but left the gas grill for the young couple who bought our house. The day after Xmas...
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    New member from SC

    I have just joined this forum, although I have browsed on it for recipes in the past. I have a 18.5 WSM which I have had for several years, and just bought a Performer platinum. We just moved down here from NJ, and I left my gas grill for the young couple who bought our house and I have been...