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    Wood Chunk Question

    I use a bow saw with the piece held in a vise. With a good blade it's still very quick and less risky.
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    Tips for crispy chicken skin?

    High heat is definitely called for. I shoot for 400+. Air drying the chicken before cooking, as already mentioned, definitely helps. Coating the skin with oil, melted butter or other fat is the final piece of the puzzle. Sometimes there's enough fat in the skin so this last step isn't necessary...
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    What's your favorite smoking wood for Salmon?

    Apple, but for me with salmon it's more about the amount of smoke. I't easy to do too much.
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    Cooking on WSM in the rain?

    If the rain is light then you can adjust vents and achieve normal smoking temps. Temperature tends to vary as the rain does, though, if that bothers you (some people obsess about temperature control). Otherwise a cover of some sort is called for.
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    Odd question for all of you

    To answer your question, I have used an electric hotplate with a cake pan sitting on top to hold wood chips. It works, and it's certainly simple and easy if you can get the temperature you are looking for. I didn't like the flavor as much as just using a low temperature charcoal setup, though.
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    Whole beef tenderloin or filet mignon steaks?

    You want to remove the chain before cooking.
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    Slicing knife recommendation please

    Here's one that seems reasonably priced: Cutlery Pro Slicer
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    Slicing knife recommendation please

    Another vote for the 12 inch Granton slicer from Dexter Russell, or any of the other similar suppliers. By no means is it fine cutlery but it's inexpensive and does the job well.
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    Wood chips instead of chunks

    You might need more chips than you think, though. Chips take up a lot of space. Use a generous amount.
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    My 1st Beef Rib Plate cook underway (pics)

    Wow, tough crowd. Those ribs look great.
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    Benefits of butcher paper wrapping a brisket (Franklin style)???

    Yes that was an interesting video. Franklin mentions a couple of times he was surprised how good the foiled brisket turned out. Made me wonder if paper really was noticeably better then foil.
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    Benefits of butcher paper wrapping a brisket (Franklin style)???

    No doubt AF makes better BBQ than I, but his explanation about the different properties of smoke in an offset vs a WSM doesn't seem to check with the science. In burning wood, smoke is mainly the result of incomplete combustion. If you look at the output of a really hot stove burning wood with...
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    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Don't wait. Few recipes this easy will generate as many compliments from your guests.
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    Normal air leak?

    It certainly seems you got that problem sorted out.
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    Wings on WSM?

    Chuck's solution is kinda radical but it sure looks like fun. Taking out the water pan altogether will help some but probably won't be enough by itself. First, I find it's easier to get high temps using lump instead of briquettes. What you really need, though, is more air flow. The single...
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    Whole Chicken & Wings on a Rotisserie

    If the chicken took 2 hrs you probably would have benefited from more heat on the bird. Agreed, direct sounds like a better option for this setup.
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    Smoked chuckie

    Glad it turned out so well.
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    What temp

    I'd start checking it at 190. You don't want it to get too dry.
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    Rib Question

    I've done 7 racks of spares at one time using the 3-2-1 method in the WSM 18. Yes, after you foil you can stack them any which way. I returned them to the racks for a bit after removing from foil. It worked fine.
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    Smoking Pork Shoulder For Father's Day

    I always aim for smaller pork butts, often cutting them in half before rubbing. This gives more bark per serving.