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  1. B.Lasky

    Which to add to the stable... 14.5" or 22"?

    I have the 14 and 22. I use the 14 all the time. The big guy not as much. Nice to have the 22 for cooking for a large group.
  2. B.Lasky

    WSM in Pickup Bed

    Anybody ever run their WSM a pick up bed? Start the cook before you leave for an event, headstart. If so what did you put under the WSM. I know this is somewhat wacky.
  3. B.Lasky

    Added a Big Boy

    Step ladder
  4. B.Lasky

    18 or 22, I'm struggling.

    Damn forgot about that. Hope it's not some crazy smoker.
  5. B.Lasky

    Added a Big Boy

    Yeah I know
  6. B.Lasky

    Added a Big Boy

    Phot from Flickr not showing?.. Can't get the image to show from Flickr. I'm using an iPad. Copied the URL and used the photo button here. OK got it figured out. I had to do it on the laptop to copy the BBCode. For some reason I couldn't get it to copy on the iPad.
  7. B.Lasky

    Added a Big Boy

    Finally got the the 22.5 [/url]Untitled by Bob Lasky, on Flickr[/IMG]
  8. B.Lasky

    WSM Hinge Installed

    Looks pretty, useful on the 22.5
  9. B.Lasky

    18 or 22, I'm struggling.

    I just went through the same struggle. I had the 14.5 and decided to just get the 22.5. I can now do several racks of ribs and just about anything else.
  10. B.Lasky

    got the Lang 84 deluxe repainted and repaired!

    Some day I'd like a Lang, just smaller.
  11. B.Lasky

    14.5 to 18.5 or 22??

    Yup definitely keeping the little guy, perfect for the wife and I. I tried the Brinkman racks. I all that cold meat overwhelmed the little guy. It all worked out with help from other grills. The 18 might be the sweet spot.
  12. B.Lasky

    Tip: Using Stand Mixer Bowl To Hold Ziploc Bags Open

    One of those great ideas.
  13. B.Lasky

    New handles from Brian !

    Could you share a link for these handles?
  14. B.Lasky

    14.5 to 18.5 or 22??

    Right now I have the 14.5 WSM. Love it. Most of the times it's fine. Sometimes for family gatherings I need to cook a bunch of ribs. Tried the racks in the 14.5, not really thrilled. So do I get the 18 and run both or just bite the bullet (slight pun intended) and get the bigboy 22...
  15. B.Lasky

    New handles from Brian !

    Very, nice
  16. B.Lasky

    Cajun Bandit Stacker or WSM?

    I'm pretty, much in the same boat. I need more capacity. Playing around with the 22.5 kettle for low temp cooks is kind of a pain. Constant monitoring.
  17. B.Lasky

    Best place to position a thermometer on a webber kettle

    Mavericks tough to beat. Very, popular here.
  18. B.Lasky


    Came out great on the WSM with no water in the pan. My wife makes great lasagna. The little chunk of pecan really added something. I'd call this a success.
  19. B.Lasky


    My wife makes great lasagna. I asked to make an small, extra one so I could try smoking it. Wondering if I should uses he WSM with or without water pan or the kettle. Thoughts, suggestions? :wsm22::maroonkettle:
  20. B.Lasky

    Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa

    Wow. Now I want tuna this weekend.