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    Cleaning Cooking Grates

    I used to clean them, even bought a hot water heater pan for the task. But now I pretty much just throw the grate on the Genisis set on high for a few minutes then brush it off with a stainless steel grill brush. No one has died yet, so it must be okay.
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    Before I buy...

    I think Bob nailed it too. There are enough complaints about the expensive CB aftermarket doors that make it seem like getting one is much more like gambling than it should be. I don't know if they still make them but the Maverick two probe remote thermometer has been fantastic for me. I...
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    What to put (or not) in the water pan?

    Before the WSM was the old original Brinkman which taught me how nasty cleaning a water bowl was. In my WSM research phase I read about no water and foiling the bowl, tried it on my first cook and have never tried anything else. Leaving an air gap between the bottom of the bowl and the foil...
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    brand-new 22.5” WSM —- first mods??

    These are not really mods, but I used stainless steel tywraps (Home Depot) and attached the charcoal ring to the grate and instead of water I cover the bowl with several layers of heavy duty foil leaving an air space between the bottom of the bowl and the foil to catch the grease.
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    Smoker vs. Oven

    I guess every WSM operates somewhat differently from each other. My 22" WSM holds 230-240 degrees with the lid vent 100% open and one bottom vent open about 25% (other two vents closed). With a 20# bag of charcoal it will run 16+ hours with very little fiddling. It is the very rare...
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    Smoking Brisket with Cherry Wood

    The cherry was dry, it just left a lingering sweet cherry aroma that reminded me of cherry flavored cough syrup and I personally didn't find it pleasant. Others might not detest cough syrup like I do or might not make that association and could very well enjoy that particular smell. I have...
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    Questions from a Newbie

    I have the 22" WSM. I have always inserted the food probe when I put the meat on the grate. I run the probes through the silicone gasket in the side. On my cooker running the probe wires under the lid would result in runaway temperature. While there are many popular methods for putting...
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    Smoking Brisket with Cherry Wood

    I have used cherry and the meat was good but I won't use it anymore. It made my smoker smell like cherry cough syrup for weeks.
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    Question About Probing Brisket

    And I don't think you can go TOO wrong probing either. I have mostly just become lazy I guess ��
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    Brisket for beginners

    My bad, sorry.
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    22.5" Model: Permanently Attaching Bottom Bowl to Cylindrical Mid-section?

    I know, old thread. But FWIW, I think permanently attaching the cylinder to the bottom section would make everything to do with the charcoal completely unacceptable. Between cooks I turn the cylinder upside down on the base so the bottom doesn't fill up with water.
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    Water pan cover

    Sam's (and probably Costco) sells 500' rolls of heavy duty 18" wide foil for $22. Get a roll, it's awesome. Make several crumpled rolls/tubes 2-4' diameter, these will be spacers to keep the foil you put over the top of the bowl off of the bottom. Put a piece of foil across the top of the bowl...
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    New WSM guy here

    I cook at low temperatures too and since the WSM was only running at 200 when you got up a lot of those hours through the night might not really count. My WSM is very reliable for holding temperature, but I have been at 200 in the morning more than once myself. If the cooking temperature had...
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    Brisket for beginners

    What's up with taking it out of the foil and wrapping it in towels? Did I misread that ? Leave it in the foil. The towels are to take up the empty space in the cooler.
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    The issue of mopping and sleep!

    I cook pork butts the same way I cook briskets. Throw it in the cooker around 6-8pm, cook overnight at about 235 degrees, wrap in foil when it gets up to about 170 (sometime in the morning), continue cooking until it's 205 degrees and rest it. We like the bark, but we like it soft.
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    Question About Probing Brisket

    A couple years ago I stopped trying to "feel" when the brisket is done and started cooking strictly by temperature. Since then (and I say this with humility) my brisket has been pretty much perfection every time. My target temperature for the 22" WSM is 230-250 and if it locks in at 235 I...
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    Kingsford 2x18.6 $9.88 @ Home Depot 5/24-5/28

    My HD has tons of the twin pack Kingsford piled in multiple locations, it will surely go on sale soon. I hope it hits the $9.99 price point again.
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    1st Brisket - Feedback

    If your brisket was moist it was the knife. If the brisket was dry it was overcooked a bit. I use an electric knife to slice my brisket, I think an electric knife is a very worthwhile gadget.
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    Smoking Whole Bone-In Chicken Assistance

    I order my poultry seasoning from Klose BBQ Pits I visited their about three years ago and he gave me a bottle of poultry seasoning, it's the best I have ever tried and I have been using it ever since. Apply liberally inside and outside of the bird.
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    Any cons to a hot'n'fast brisket?

    Yes I. Foiled it. I forget the timing, but cooked with full load of charcoal that was started with a full chimney of briquettes poured over the top of the pile. All vents open 100%. I don't remember what the cooker temperature got up to. During the time frame I did the hot/fast cook I would have...