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    Ridge Charcoal

    Hi, has anyone tried using Ridge Charcoal Briquets? Is this a replacement for the regular Royal Oak charcoal? I’m having trouble finding the standard Royal Oak Briquets, the bags are usually out in stores by now.
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    First Smoke Pulled Pork No wrap question

    Nice looking pork. Did you use water in the pan? Or did you run this smoke dry, no water?
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    St. Louis Ribs - Whats your favorite time/temp combination?

    I have struggled with the 3-2-1 at 225 degrees in my WSM 22.5, not happy with the bark or the meat falling off the bone. Is everyone using water in the pan? I feel like I want to try using no wrapping and no water, for ribs and a 10 lb pork butt as well. Is the water really that critical in the...
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    Brand New To The WSM

    Hi, I just received my new 22.5” Weber Smokey Mountain just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. I am upgrading from a Masterbuilt propane that I have had since 2014. I have been cooking on a Weber 22“ kettle for a two years now, so I am familiar with managing charcoal and I have a Maverick Et-732...