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    some 'between jobs' smoking!! - pork butt

    ready to come out: pulled by hand: too lazy too make this from scratch, so I got a cole slaw "kit": plated on King Hawaiian Hot Dog style buns If these look like just piles of slaw on bread, let me assure you: they were heavy with pork! We did: load of meat, drizzle of sauce, top with...
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    some 'between jobs' smoking!! - pork butt

    - 5 hours later - ok if you're following along, we're doing: and we're at the step where we have good bark and are gonna wrap the butts in foil with a mix of butter, brown sugar, beer, hot sauce, and sweet thai chili...
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    some 'between jobs' smoking!! - pork butt

    I think that while I was busy doing the "craigslist shuffle", I came upon a 18 kettle that had this hinged grate. I think I swapped them and passed the kettle along. That hinge is handy when you want to check a temp downstairs.
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    some 'between jobs' smoking!! - pork butt

    So I quit my job where I've spent the last 12 years of my life. My new job doesn't start till mar 2nd. So, naturally, I'm taking some time to smoke some pork butt. I feel like i finally have time to take some pics and share. These are about 6lbs each. Injected with a mix recipe taken from Harry...
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    3rd Annual Pechanga Pro BBQ Championship Jun.21st

    I will definitely be heading out to meet you all next year! That was an awesome event. Chris, your write up made me feel like I was right there.
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    My American born Weber Pizza Oven

    Hey Tony, I found his pics here : -gabe
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    Hello from San Diego -not soo crazy after all

    Hi Daryl. Nice meeting you yesterday. I am glad my performer went to a member. And my wife thanks you for helping us clear some space in the backyard. Now she feels better about the open space, and I'm looking for a new refurb project. Maybe an old genesis 1000? Welcome to the forums! -Gabe
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    How Much Turkey for 35 People?

    Things is, if you cook that bird and it comes out amazing, your guests will know it's the best bird they've had in years and they will pack it away. Last year, I brined the bird 24 hrs, cooked it in a water bath for 8 hours at 180* and then packed the cavity with aromatics...
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    G'day eh from Trenton Ontario Canada

    Hi Jeff! Glad to have you.
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    Greetings from Charlotte, NC

    Hi TeddyC welcome to the forum!
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    Getting ready for cold weather in Indiana!

    Jason, welcome aboard, sir. It sounds like you are already off to a good start with your cabinet. Is it insulated? remember to account for temp loss due to exterior cold by adding some extra charcoal to the wsm. You def don't want to be caught running out of charcoal before your brisket is done!
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    Hello from Huntington Beach, CA

    Hey Ed, welcome to the forum. I just fired my 18.5 wsm for the first time a couple days ago. It seems like it's gonna be great. When you get yours, make sure you take the time to season it. You can find Harry Soo's SWM seasoning steps on his review of the 18.5 wsm on
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    Hello from Mckinney Tx

    Good to have you with us, Joe. Q on!
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    Any other vegans out there?

    Hi Todd! Welcome to the forum!
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    New Guy in Concord, CA (SF Bay Area)

    Hi Tom! Glad you could join us!
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    First (and Second) Cook

    Hi Ron. welcome aboard. Last week, I had my temps jump on me. What I did wrong was when I went to foil the ribs after 2 hrs, I wrapped three racks and the whole time I had the lid off/open and in the few minutes it took to spray/season/wrap three racks, the fire got more air than I was wanting...
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    BBQ Comp in San Diego County

    Bob, At work, my boss and I are looking for a 'go to' bbq place. We've hit a few, but have not been to brazen yet. Based on what I tasted yesterday at the Santee Comp, I am definitely going to visit their restaurant. If their restaurant brisket/ribs/chicken/pork is as good as their comp stuff...
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    BBQ Comp in San Diego County

    Ok, I have a question for you guys who were there and did some tasting: which bbq team did you think made the best ___ ? My wife and I have a new favorite - Brazen BBQ. We had brisket, pulled pork, ribs and wings. We thought they were great!
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    Best way to reheat brisket?

    I do like Bill does except for one diff: I use my crock pot half-filled with water and set to 'warm'. Without the lid, it is stable at 140 degrees. Put the sealed bag in and wait. This way, the meat can't get any hotter than 140, so there's no chance of overcooking it when you are just trying to...
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    New guy in town

    Hi Ralph. welcome to the forum. If you are anywhere near San Diego, check out the Classic car show and BBQ festival going on tomorrow in Santee. it's a KCBS sanctioned bbq competition. I'm going to taste a bunch of Q and hopefully see some slow and low masters!