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    bbq in charlotte?

    Mac's Speed Shop is good. I prefer the one on South Blvd, the food usually seems better there. Bill Spoon's on South Blvd is good if you like eastern NC vinegar style. They cook over electricity so most of the flavor comes from the sauce. Bill passed on a few years ago, but his family still...
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    First Time Chicken Thighs

    I crisp chicken skin after they come off the smoker using direct heat from a propane blowtorch. Just move around as the skin crisps, often it will shrink a bit as you go.
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    Chimney starter.....

    I turned the grate in the bottom of my chimney upside down, so it forms a V in the bottom. I stick a Weber starter cube in the middle of the V, pour the briqs on top, and light the cube. I hold the chimney up with one hand and hold a blowtorch underneath to light the cube. I'm sure a long...
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    Lid thermometer

    If you choose to temp through the lid vent, be sure that the probe is in the same position and depth each time. I like to use a thermometer in the vent because it gives me a clue what my smoker is doing. Thanks to advice from folks like Kevin I don't obsess over 10 or 20 degrees. However...
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    Ideas for accessories/tools

    Any time I'm cooking on my WSM I need to set up a portable table to work on. I really like the side table on my Performer, it would be nice to have something similar for my WSM. A cart to hold a WSM with wheels and a table like a Performer would be great. A clip on table like the one Weber...
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    What's is on your Weber Christmas list?

    My wife bought me a Performer and a Stok Tower from the Home Depot clearances. I fired up the Performer with the Stok grate system last night, I really like it.
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    Cook's Country Classic Barbecued Chicken

    Thanks for posting this Robert. I was looking for a a relatively easy chicken recipe to break in my new Performer, this worked out great. I burned the skin trying to crisp it up, but other than that my family loved it.
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    Irritating comments on my turkey.

    If they think their food isn't cooked through, stick their plate in the microwave for a few minutes. People who don't understand food or cooking won't care if their food came out of a smoker, oven, or microwave. Their food will be cooked through and they'll be happy. Your food will be cooked...
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    Minion Method With An Afterburner

    When I do a minion method I fill the chamber with briquettes and then remove them from the middle to fill my chimney. Once they're lit I pour back into the middle of the pile. If you just pour on top you're setting the whole pile on fire, start from the middle and you'll have a more...
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    Best Grilling Tools?

    I like my OXO tongs. They're relatively expensive ($10-$15) but they're sturdy and they lock closed for easy drawer storage.
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    Won't stay lit

    My Q200 does that sometimes. It will fire up fine, then when I come back a few minutes later the flame is off and it won't light. It really bothers me when I'm preheating the grate and I show up with a plate full of food just to find out the grill is cold. It's even worse when I have food on...
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    Tuna Steaks rare

    Search youtube for Chimney Loin Tuna. It's a good, simple, easy recipe for grilled tuna. You can cook it on any hot grill, you don't have to copy Alton's chimney method. I use tuna steaks, not loin like he does. The exact recipe is on Some of my local grocery stores have...
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    Char Q ?

    Jay - Where did you find one for $50?
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    Which Grate?

    I really like the cast iron grate in my Q200, all of my future grills will use cast iron. It gets hot, retains heat, and imparts nice sear marks. However, even though it is porcelin coated like all Weber CI grates, my Q200 got some surface rust during December/January while it sat outside...
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    Thermapen-Users Guide

    I check on the grill when possible. Some items are best probed from the side so I'll pick them up with tongs. Usually I dont like to move things on the grill more than necessary. Uniform items should be temped in the middle, such as burgers or steaks. Uneven items should be checked in the...
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    Ran Out of Fuel

    The last time I cooked a butt overnight my WSM ran for 14 hours between 200 and 250. After 14 hours it was out of fuel. I was using Kingsford Competition and a full water bowl, outside temps were in the 70's. Based on this I think your smoker probably ran for a normal amount of time. When my...
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    Electric Knife?

    I have used a Krups electric knife in the past. This year I used a small chef's knife to carve the turkey and a 10" slicer for the white meat. I like the normal knives better, they give me more control and better results.
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    +1 on preferring the old format. I'm not a big fan of having one more forum to click on, and this makes searching more difficult as well. I liked the old way where I could search the Grilling forum for something basic like "tenderloin" and see questions, pictures, and other information from...
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    Must Haves for our Hobby

    I would expect that most people who are shopping in a real butcher store already know how to cook and has a set of knives. Good thermometers would be an item to carry, especially probe thermometers for cooking larger cuts. Everyone has a probe thermometer but they either hate it, don't use it...
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    weeknight quickies (~30min) - cookbook or recipe suggestions

    My favorite quick weekday recipe: Before leaving the office check online flyers for local grocery stores to see what steaks they have on sale. I drive past 5 stores on my way home so I have a lot of options. Stop on the way home and buy some steaks. When arriving home go light the grill first...