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    Is this really a Weber?

    Saw this on Craigslist. Kinda looks like a Smokey Joe but ... Small Weber Grill $7 -
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    Has Weber ever commented on why they don't make an Offset Smoker?

    Indeed. Just look how long it took them to produce the 22" WSM which (from a wishful layman's pov) would have been a relatively easy setup.
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    Strange butt cook

    Hmmm... that layer of fat could be the cause of the 'double' plateau. Could it have been mis-trimmed shoulder? Glad it turned out okay.
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    Store Bought Rub

    Most chain supermarkets like Safeway and Gaints should carry Stubbs Spice Rub. Wal-Mart carries Stubbs, Masterpiece, and Weber rubs. All are good commercial rubs. According to SuperPages, there is a BBQ Galore in Columbia ... Barbeques Galore 6131 Columbia Crossing Cir Columbia, MD 21045...
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    Butt rub - ahead ot time??

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by LarryR: Very similar to all of the above. When I first got my WSM I would rub overnight, then switched as I couldn't tell a difference in my end...
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    Old WSM, new water pan?

    It should fit just fine. It's just deeper.
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    Just Delivered - First Smoke

    Remote probes make it easier but not really necessary. I allow 2hrs/lb @ 250º for pulled pork. I wouldn't leave the meat thermometer in, it'll probably just get smoked-over. About 75% of the way through, check it with your meat thermometer. I target 200º but once it reaches about 185º, I...
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    Your no. 1 pork rib suggestion?

    Best Tips ... 1: Never cook something for the first time for guests. 2: 3 racks for 9 guests? Not big rib fans eh?
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    water pan in 18.5

    The new models have much larger water pans. The Pre-2009 18" was about 1 gal, the new 18" is about 2 gal (the 22" is about 3 gal). 1 gal would probably still be enough depending on how long you quesstimate the cook will take. If you add more water, it'll take longer to come up to temp.
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    Cook ribs to 190 degrees?

    Before doing the tear test, I use the limp rack test. Pick up the rack either by the end or middle and it should sag down. If it ain't limp, it ain't gonna tear.
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    cooking for a 12 people on the go (park, beach)?

    You're planning on cooking all that at once AND have it all ready at the same time? If so, plan on taking your 22" OTS and 18" WSM. You could box them up in cardboard boxes so you could pack them and other stuff together without worry of getting coal dust and grease all over everything.
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    First Butt Smoke

    "7lbs pre-trimmed"? And post-trimmed? Yah, use a full ring. You don't want to run out of fuel. If starting at 7am with a finish target of 7pm, I'd recommend your target cook temp to be at least 250º, if not 275º. It's okay if it finishes early as you can hold them in foil for several hours.
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    First butts question

    Agree ... it didn't cook long enough. IMO, 10 hrs for an 8lb'er at 225º is not long enough. When 'done' enough for PP, the bone, if it has one, with slide out without much effort and it'll shredd when you stick a fork in it and twist. I usually have to take mine off with neoprene gloves as...
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    Question about fuel consumption

    Compared to a horizontal smoker, any WSM would be a "tea sipper" when it comes to fuel consumption. You can easily go 10~12 hrs on 8~10lbs of charcoal.
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    Smoking my first pork chops - newbie questions

    Agree with Mark. I prefer to grill chops because they're so lean I'm concerned they'd dry out. But then I don't brine them either. Since you're going to brine them, I'd go with a no-salt rub.
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    Smoking Pork Once Pulled

    I've warmed-up PP in foil covered pans in the smokers. But not will the foil off, didn't want them to dry out. Give it a try.
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    Cutting Down Ornamental Apple Trees

    "olive-sized apples"? Sounds more like a crabapple tree. Regardless, it should be fine unless they've been using pesticides on them. In that case, you'd probably want to de-bark them.
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    Charcoal baskets

    Well... the charcoal baskets are meant for indirect, not direct grilling. What you're doing is the common method for direct grilling. Though I like to keep a small space coal-free for 'warming'. A faster way would be to use a charcoal chimney, fill it up, get the coals hot, dump them in, and...
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    WSM 18.5" & 22.5" WSM grill grate comparison

    Nice. Note - the bottom grates are smaller than the tops.
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    spareribs question

    For me, the skirt usually goes into beans, stews, or chili. Rib tips are cooked with the ribs and used as 'samplers'.