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    Birthday Prime Rib

    We celebrated my dad's 71st birthday today just hanging out and playing a bunch of card games like Wizard, Phase 10 and my parents current favorite game, Pegs and Jokers. BTW, P&J is a great game. Games started around noon time, we had a ton of good snacks and beers were consumed before we...
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    Throwdown #21: Sausages

    Can I just comment on the excellent beer selection? ;)
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    You can. Just depends on how understanding those friends are and how much you have to drink on hand. :cool:
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    Dead Weber

    Well, talking with dad and he is now thinking about replacing with a 26" OTG. Since I do as much cooking at their place as I do at mine I'm in agreement. My folks 47th anniversary is in September and my mom has said the new bigger kettle will be the anniversary present to each other.
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    Dead Weber

    Well, it's actually older than I thought. Over here tonight for more cooking (lots of family company up for the weekend) so I checked and the letter code is M which puts this particular kettle at 23 years old. The old girl has held up pretty well considering. As for repairing my ever practicle...
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    Dead Weber

    Not a bad idea. We've got a local guy who is excellent.
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    Dead Weber

    So I'm over my folks last night and my dad is grilling up a bunch of burgers and stuff on his trusty old kettle when he calls me over to look at something. There is a big hole rusted through the side of the bowl. What the hell? Looks like the one of the grate brackets weld seam rusted...
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    Longaniza con Huevo...

    Man oh man. A know a bunch of gringos up here in Maine who would be all over that any day of the week.
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    Easiest, Best, and Cold Smoking Rig Ever

    Unfortunately you have to be a member over there to view any of the pictures.
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    Show Your Pit

    Bob, your setup is pretty much identical to mine except my 3 pits sit on grill mats on top of small wooden pallets off my deck.
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    Sea Bugs

    Steamed, broiled, grilled, I've done them all. Boiling (or steamed) is definitely the lazy way and the easiest way when doing a bunch at a time.
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    Sea Bugs

    Unfortunately I can't get boat price in Western Maine but prices are still pretty good. Love your area of the state and have had some good times in Harpswell and Wiscasset.
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    Sea Bugs

    Cook was about 18-20 minutes. You can overcook when boiling but these were dead on perfect.
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    Sea Bugs

    Wife picked up a half dozen Maine Sea Bugs yesterday so I busted out the turkey frier and put it to use as a most excellent boiler. Die *****es die. Yep, they are done. Ready for some drawn butter.
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    Fish and hot dogs

    Smoked plenty of fish and shellfish (love smoked oysters) in my WSM without issue.
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    Christmas Eve Eve

    No smoking this weekend but lots of grilling. Tonight a nice whole beef tenderloin and a center cut pork loin.
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    Oil Grill and/or Food?

    Put the gear away? This was my place Thanksgiving weekend.
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    Things you hate about BBQ....

    You don't own a freezer?
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    A grill is a terrible thing to waste!

    I'd have already put it in the back of my truck and left a clay planter in its place. Just saying.....
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    The All Encompassing Beer Thread

    Forgot to post this from a couple of weeks ago. E.S. Bam Farmhouse Ale Weyerbacher Simco IPA Maine Beer Company Lunch IPA BTW, since I live in Maine I'm biased, but anything by Maine Beer Company is awesome.