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  1. SE Davis

    Hassleback potato recipe? This is just one Doug. Google is your friend. I have sometimes semi nuked the spuds before placing on the grill if I'm strapped for time. Best, Scott
  2. SE Davis

    hmm, guess THAT play didn't work....

    Thanks Jim! You Cheese Heads got any Prozac laying around?:p Scott
  3. SE Davis

    are you part of the 98%?

    Just as strange as Bob.:)
  4. SE Davis

    Baby girl is 16, you know what means...

    Stuart, Is this a fish only tank or do you have any live corals in there? We are tankless right now. Had to take a break from salt. Your setup looks great! I know the amount of work involved. Scott
  5. SE Davis

    Baby girl is 16, you know what means...

    Happy Birthday to your daughter Stewart!!! Pulled pork nicely done.:) Scott
  6. SE Davis

    Meatballs in Beer Gravy

    Awesome Rich! Scott
  7. SE Davis

    Trying for a good shredded BBQ beef

    Let's Eat Rich! Meal looks great! Scott
  8. SE Davis

    Pork Steaks

    Fantabulous John! Nice meal. Scott
  9. SE Davis

    Rotisserie Turkey Breast

    We found turkey breast for 1.99 lb and it became Sunday dinner. Seasoned with S&P and Weber's kick'n chicken. Spinning on the performer. The kettle did it's magic @375 for just under 1 1/2 hours. Rested to 165 deg and carved. Plated with some pasta fettuccine and green beans. Your...
  10. SE Davis

    Huevos Rancheros

    Excellent cook and pics! Very nice. Scott
  11. SE Davis

    Pizza again

    Awesome looking pizza Dood! Scott
  12. SE Davis

    Throwdown #21: Sausages

    Not an easy decision by any means.
  13. SE Davis

    Quick Ribs

    Thanks for the plate Bill. It left me wanting another.:) Scott
  14. SE Davis

    New member and my Weber family

    Looking forward to some cooks Loyd.:wsm: Scott
  15. SE Davis

    Simple Sunday Supper

    I'll take a plate Dwain. Scott
  16. SE Davis

    butts over briskets

    Very nice rig and cook Jay. Scott
  17. SE Davis

    Banger of a Hanger

    Excellent steak Russ!!! Scott
  18. SE Davis

    Hangin' Hens & Charred Chuck Eyes

    Your cooks never disappoint Jim. Well done. scott
  19. SE Davis

    Peperoni Italian Sausage Onion and Pepper Sandwich

    Awesome looking grinder John. Scott
  20. SE Davis

    Pizzas and Cinnamon Twists

    Great looking pies Cliff! Scott