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    So how much did you pay…

    Cut down our tree at a place in southwestern Wisconsin. $50 for any size they had. Ours was about 8’
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    Beef Short Ribs

    I paid about $85. I bought this along with the pork shoulder, 2 lbs of grass fed ground beef and 1 lb of summer sausage. The total for all of that was $111. I didn't really ask the price or get an itemized receipt.
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    Beef Short Ribs

    I used pinto and black beans.
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    Beef Short Ribs

    I have of both the Sliced ribs and pulled pork.
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    Beef Short Ribs

    I logged in and realized its been 7 years since I have added anything here. Last weekend I smoked a 12.71 lb Beef short ribs. 1st time having short ribs of any type. Oh my it was so rich and flavorful. Just melted in your mouth. Just seasoned it with salt and pepper, water in the bowl, put it...
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    It's been a long time

    Great trailer. I agree that TVWB is the best out there.
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    Home Cured Ham

    Kroger had .99 cents a lb pork loins. Bought a 6 lb loin. Used 3 lbs to make the ham. 1.5 lbs for BBQ pork on the stove. 1.5 lbs sliced for the grill. Another piece of meat that kept on giving. 8 days in the making. 6 days brining, boiled till it hit 150, rest in fridge overnight, smoke with...
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    My take on Pit Beef and Philly cheese.

    Thanks everyone. This just keeps giving. For lunch I took all the little pieces and ends cooked them a little added BBQ sauce and pickle and I had a tasty and tender BBQ sandwich. Sorry no picture by the time I realized it I had almost finished the sandwich.
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    It was fun while it lasted but have to change the life style.

    Glad to hear your ok, Just hang in there and you will figure it out.
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    Introduction and a few brisket questions

    JHermann sorry about that first Brisket, but you have to crash and burn once in awhile to learn.
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    My take on Pit Beef and Philly cheese.

    Inspired by Gene Brownson's pit beef. On Saturday picked up a 2.5 lb top round, Seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. Put it on the Rotisserie for about 45 mins. Waited a day, made sandwiches for the playoff games. Onion and horseradish sauce added. Wow what a taste and sinus clearing. Monday...
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    Winter warm up, Smoked chicken noodle soup.

    Yum Chicken Noodle soup
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    Pork Belly Roast: my first, not last for sure!

    Looks really good Enrico. Gave me an idea for the weekend. I have 2lbs of pork belly in the freezer, now I know what I am going to do.
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    Special Dinner for the Lady of my Life and me Too

    Congrats to both of you. The wrapped tenderloin looks yummy.
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    Brats For Dinner

    Really nice Cliff. Gotta love the Giardiniera.
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    It's time for Christmas preparations.

    Geir, that looks tasty. I have been thinking about other parts of the beef. I did notice that wally world here had beef tongue. I would have to make it when nobody was home and then not tell the other family members what it was.
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    14 lb Turkey on the Rotisserie

    Todd, I would say it took 3 to 3.5 hours. I pulled the bird off when the thigh and breast were between 165 and 170. Not sure what temp the grill was. I just filled up the char baskets with ashed over charcoal placed the cover on and let it cook. I checked the bird every hour or so. Had to put...
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    Good Book(s) on Sausage Making ?

    I also like Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages by Marianski. Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing by Michael Ruhlman was also good.
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    Wisconsin Style Brats

    Those look great Dwain.
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    Thanksgiving in beautiful San Bernardino....

    Wow great turkey and meal.