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    Smooth Bark on Wood, Yes or No?

    I have done bark and no bark with my wsm's and don't notice a difference. Both are good. The only thing I really check for on my smoke wood is termite or rot. For me they don't smoke very long and give off a stinky white smoke very quickly.
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    First Cook: Chicken Breast, skinless.

    If you want to attempt to smoke boneless skinless chicken, do it on the grill. Throw a piece of hickory or mesquite on the hot coals and cook it for the 10 or 15 minutes like normal.
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    Extra damper on 14.5" WSM

    I've been wanting to this mod for a while. Just can't get around to ordering the vent wheels. Glad to know it helps that much.
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    WOO HOO, WSM Family is complete

    Hopefully I will have all three again someday as well. I regret selling my 18.5. Now I'm searching CL and they are few and far between.
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    Big porking mistake

    Dead on advice Kim. I foil my pork butts really tight and keep them dry. I put a light coating of BBQ sauce on my ribs before foiling them really tight as well. They are never mushy, and are perfect. It took me quite a few cooks to figure this out, wish I had read Kim's advice a couple years ago.
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    Source for nomex gaskets?

    Amazon for me. I was hoping to find them locally in bulk, but couldn't.
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    17 1/2 hours for a 5 lbs butt???!!!

    The last butt I did took about that long too. I finally foiled it because I got tired of waiting. I think I'm just going to start foiling when I hit 175 degrees since it didn't seem to affect the final product.
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    BGE Lump Charcoal Burning Out?

    I just recently fully switched to royal oak lump. Just because it's the easiest and cheapest for me to buy. I pack it in tight and then use a half chimney of kbb lit coals to start it. On my last few 225 degree long cooks I've gone 16 hours and still have leftover coals. Of course I do have the...
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    Transporting 14.5" WSM

    I use two 48" (I think) bungee cords. I run each through one side of the handle and down to the legs. Then I put the cover on and bungee it to the back seat or wall. It travels very well when it's put together and bungeed.
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    ATC suggestions

    I also have the party q and love it. Super simple to setup and use being battery powered.
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    Smoking on the OTG

    Do you have an atc unit that could help maintain your temps for you? I haven't used my party q on my performer yet, but I plan to.
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    New 14.5" WSM and beef short ribs

    So Sam, after your first cook are you satisfied with the size or do you wish you had gone 18.5? Or still to early?
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    Cajun Bandit Steel Door for WSM 18.5 -- Not Good

    I know I'm talking about the 22.5 and you have the 18.5, but my Cajun door was a terrible fit. It had huge gaps after installing the nomex gasket kit. My weber latch broke almost immediately as well. I purchased the compression latch and the fit was still awful. So I started bending the Cajun...
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    Heat beads

    Oh well, it's a no. They didn't know what heatbeads were.
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    Heat beads

    I saw on the heatbeads website that BBQ galore sells them. I may call to see since I have one a few miles from my house but I'm really happy with lump charcoal now. It lasts longer than all my cooks and I end up reusing it next time. I do love trying new things though, even though I really...
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    2nd WSM - 18.5" or 14"?

    Of course when I bought my 22.5 it looked like a giant compared to my old 18.5. Now it looks normal.
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    How to safely start a chimney for my 18" on a new deck

    You could also get a smokey joe and set it on a mat next to your wsm. Then it could be used for the chimney and you would gain an additional BBQ out of the deal. I see them on Craigslist for as little $15 sometimes. Before I got my performer I used to use my jumbo joe for the chimney.
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    Rib Rack for a 14" WSM?

    Yeah when on the kitchen counter I just put some wax paper or tinfoil underneath the grate before loading racks full of ribs.
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    How to safely start a chimney for my 18" on a new deck

    I always start my chimney in my performer grill. The propane starter works great to get the coals going so I don't have to use another source. I'm lucky enough to have all cement so I don't have to worry about burning wood. I have poured the coals from the chimney to the wsm and spilled some...
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    Beginner Using New 14.5" WSM. Any tips or recipes?

    On my old 18.5 I used to swear that if I stacked the coals to high it would smother the coals. However on my 22.5 and 14.5 the water pans are much more shallow and no matter how high I stack the coals they don't come anywhere close.