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  1. Doug Selman

    Cinco de Mayo Themed Pulled Pork

    That is basiclly what I do very often using pork stew meat. Cut the shoulder into large chunks for more smoke flavor and quicker cooking. As a shortcut/cheat I like to use La Victoria Chunky Salsa Verde.
  2. Doug Selman

    Genesis 1000 NG manifold wanted

    Hi Danny, welcome to tvwbb. I have a '94 2000 Redhead that I've redone twice since getting brand new. It's about time for another update/ new paint. I'm in the process of doing some patio remodeling and going to run a NG line for fire pit and the bbq. Message me if you still have the NG manifold.
  3. Doug Selman

    Cinco de Mayo Themed Pulled Pork

    Instead of using more traditional BBQ rub, you could use more of a Mexican style seasoning/rub and steer the cook towards smoked Carnitas.
  4. Doug Selman

    Wait for it

    Awesome (y), Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins! Which Island are you on Chuck We have seen them up close also, when out snorkeling off the West side of Oahu.
  5. Doug Selman

    Do you have a name for your grill...?

    Late to the party, but: I call my Blue Performer the Blu-B-Q. And the SJ Mini 14 is the Flamin Bow Tie
  6. Doug Selman

    Little help please!

    I replaced my door latch with a Cajun Bandit latch. And sealed around it with Lava Lock gasket.
  7. Doug Selman

    While the cats away...

    Mmm, love Loco Moco. I've made Meatloafo Moco before with leftover BBQ meatloaf. It's so good!
  8. Doug Selman

    Friday Night Cook

    Looks great Tim! The pool is perfect for this weekend, 106*+! Are you in the 209 area also
  9. Doug Selman

    There's a turkey breast in here somewhere.

    Skin looks perfect to me!
  10. Doug Selman

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: $25 Lowe's Gift Cards

    Happy 25th anniversary Chris. Thanks for all your time and work you put into the site!
  11. Doug Selman

    What kind of oak for smoking?

    You hit the jackpot. Santa Maria valley Red Oak is the traditional wood for true "Santa Maria style" Tri-Tip and Sirloin BBQ. It has a great distinctive flavor!
  12. Doug Selman

    Who’d a thunk…

    Mmmmmm scorched Dogs, just the way I like em! I'll take 2 then a food coma please.
  13. Doug Selman

    Smoked Chinook salmon Chowder

    That sounds and looks amazingly delicious Case! (y)
  14. Doug Selman

    TVWB 19th Annual Christmas Prize Drawing

    Just entered, thanks for the chance Chris!
  15. Doug Selman

    Simple chicken

    look great!
  16. Doug Selman

    Using Lump Charcoal in a smoker

    You can always mix some briquettes in with the lump for more even burn.
  17. Doug Selman

    Meat probe Thermometer

    Thermoworks sale ends today. I got the Thermoworks Dash a few months ago on sale, it's $31.20 right now. I have been very happy with it. And I have used the Super-Fast RT301WA digital pocket thermometer ($29.00) for quite a few years and is very good also. The super fast RT301WA can be...
  18. Doug Selman

    Deer wellington

    Looks awesome!