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    Weber Summit Charcoal - Obscure Details and Assembly

    Looks Great Mike! Mind me asking where u bought it in Atlanta? Did they have a few of them?
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    Chris do you know if Amazon will be selling the new grill?
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    USDA Prime Brisket: WOW!

    Brisket looks amazing Enrico, but I'm impressed with the butcher paper wrapping job. Got any tips on what's the best way to wrap a brisket? I saw a post a while back when you cooked beef ribs, I can't recall but did you wrap them in paper also? Thanks
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    cajun bandit, best way to contact?

    I'm trying to buy a stainless door for my WSM 14.5, but I can't seem to touch base with them. I've sent them a few emails and I can't locate a phone number on them. If any members have any info it would be a great help. Thanks
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    Throwdown #23: Baby Back Ribs

    huli huli part 2 halfway done sauced plated plated 2
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    Throwdown #23: Baby Back Ribs

    Huli Huli Back Ribs Got this idea from the and Cooks Illustrated. I've cook the CI Huli Huli chicken many of times but didn't think of applying this ribs until I saw this on WolfePit. I used CI ingredients for most of the cook. Here's what went into the sauce. Sauce simmering...
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    You have choose only one rub/seasoning for a year. Pick one

    Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow for BBQ, salt and freshly ground pepper for everything else
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    Chicken & Ribs with some heat

    Bill it looks great as always
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    Sunday morning....

    Looks great as always Tony! Would love to hear how you made the chicharron en chile verde.
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    Weber Summit E-670 or E-620? Summit owners happy with grill?

    Thinking of buying a Summit. Was wondering if the sear burner is worth the extra cash? Are there any other differences between the two models? Do any owners of these models have any complaints about the grill or do you wish you would bought a different model? Would love to hear the pro/cons of...
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    Venison sausage, mushroom, egg McBob

    Looks great, would love to hear more about the sausage. What parts were used etc..
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    Defrosted Steaks Easy Peasy

    Looks great as always! Very nice.
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    CB+Rratatouille=Naan pizza

    Awesome pics. How did you learn to tie the chicken so nicely? Would love to see a video of that.
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    CYBERQ Windows 8

    Figure out the infrastructure mode. The had a great write up.
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    What do you do for work? *****

    I'm in the self storage business.
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    Old Surveyor makes deer jerky from 35 year old recipe

    Old dogs always teach new dogs tricks in my opinion, pleasure to learn sir
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    Huevos Motulenos aka Heaven on Earth

    In everybody sport there is a title, a championship or something, that sir is you of this forum!
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    Chicken Mole

    Nice John, always wanted to try!
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    CYBERQ Windows 8

    Just wondering has anybody got their CyberQ connected Adhoc mode in windows 8? I have 3 computers on the same network, the only one that can connect to Cyberq is a windows 7 laptop. Thanks for any suggestions. My Cyberq is updated to version 1.7.:confused:
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    Looking for an excuse...

    Great looking wings! I think you got a great deal on the wok, I paid around $50 for mine. It's a great tool